Future shop for IS releases...

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    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Helloweenie - 26.08.2007, 17:22

    Future shop for IS releases...
    Hello everybody,

    i have been asked for Iron Savior CDs many many times and therefore I am planning to open an Iron Savior Shop on this page. So far there is the Shop linked to the Dockyard1 Shop with the Iron Savior CD Megatropolis that can be ordered.

    The releases before Megatropolis where relesed on different lables and therefore will not be available through DY1.

    I myself have left a lot of older IS releases (around 60 CDs), mainly in new/still sealed condition, even some special or limited editions are left in store and Piet himself has left some CDs we will offer you in the near future through this webpage! :D

    :arrow: The prices will be lower than in general shops, because we don't want to make money out of it, we only want to help you, fullfilling your Iron Savior collection, because in many foreign countries it is impossible to get Iron Savior releases!
    There will also be some posters of Iron Savior I have left (for example: Dark Assault Poster) so it will hopefully become No. place for you to find rare stuff from Iron Savior!

    This topic at the forum will be for your questions thought and maybe problems finding items you are looking for!

    Yours Harald.

    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Kamil - 04.09.2007, 14:03

    Hey Harald,
    great news! I already have some money left, can't wait to get something for my collection:)

    Do You have any ideas about buying stuff from this shop from foreign fans (like me:P)?

    As for the items i seek... well i want everything except japan release of "Unification".

    And the last thing - is there a possibility to get some signature of band members on stuff bought through this shop?

    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Winter - 22.09.2007, 15:19

    What kind of prices?

    I love iron saviour, and cannot find anything anywhere!

    So if you have a copy of every album, and a poster or two I have plenty of money to spare! :D

    I live in the uk, if it helps.

    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Helloweenie - 24.09.2007, 11:40

    shop prices
    The shop prices will be from 3 Euros (Single-CD) & 6 Euros (Regular-CD up to 11 Euros for the latest releases or for the special editions!

    The shop will also be the place for some rare stuff, I already have some Dark Assault posters and one single T-Shirt I will add to the shop as well.

    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Winter - 03.10.2007, 20:28

    In that case, do you know when the shop will open?

    I'm quite eager to get my hands on some stuff! :P

    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Helloweenie - 04.10.2007, 21:59

    Shop opening...
    ... probably during the next weeks... have to get into the shop software a bit...

    I hope it will be done in October at least!


    Re: Future shop for IS releases...

    Winter - 11.10.2007, 19:36

    Looking forward to it, thanks for the info.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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