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    Re: Amelia Earhart Search

    AAIR - 27.07.2007, 19:44

    Amelia Earhart Search
    This part was found by the current TIGHAR search for Amelia Earhart on Niku Island in the South Pacific. Previously some of the parts found on the island were B-24, but this one does not match anything in my B-24 manual. Hopefully it will match a Locheed Electra :D I do not have a picture or a descrition of size or shape yet, just:

    part number:
    4B 8748 JBCO

    This piece is bronze.

    Re: Amelia Earhart Search

    Roy N - 27.07.2007, 19:50


    interesting post.
    ive been reading various things on the net about this search.
    thanks for this update


    Re: Amelia Earhart Search

    AAIR - 27.07.2007, 20:03

    More details on size and shape:

    It looks like a bearing sleeve. A cylinder, about 3 inches long, diameter 1.75 inches, bronze, part number stamped on exterior, small hole (not all the way through) in the middle; four of them.

    Regardless of being right or wrong about their theory, I support TIGHAR because they are going about their search the right way by using the scientific method. For those interested in following their current search daily posts are at:

    Re: Amelia Earhart Search

    Roy N - 27.07.2007, 20:13

    Craig, this is not a guess, just an observation..

    for what its worth.
    your description could match the bearings over the gudgeon pins which are used to connect the piston to the con rod.
    the hole could be to allow oil in perhaps?.


    Re: Amelia Earhart Search

    AAIR - 27.07.2007, 20:19


    Perhaps, but I will feel better when I can see a picture of it, but that will not be until they get back in a few weeks.

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