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    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    tegeus-Cromis - 13.08.2006, 17:43

    Skibi's Castle TD
    Does anyone play Skibi's? For a map that used to be so popular, it doesn't seem to get any love on bnet any more. I just tried it a while ago (okay, so I totally didn't bother looking in the TFT Scenarios folder when I first got it :P) and am totally 1) addicted and 2) frustrated at being unable to finish it. Is there any particular secret to beating waves 40+? Assume I am playing as grey in a fullhouse game.

    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    Skirn - 15.08.2006, 05:37

    Ah...Good ol' Skibi's. Love(d) that simple map, as someone who played it to the point where he can almost solo the whole thing, I only have one suggestion for you: As Gray, a simple line maze is most effective, anything else should probably work on a spiral defense. And just practice the mini-games, getting gold in them is what'll do all the work for you, that's what really decides if you can beat the final waves or not.

    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    tegeus-Cromis - 15.08.2006, 18:23

    By 'simple line maze', I assume you mean 'simple line maze with waypoint abuse'. :P What's a safe average gold amount for mini-games? Also, what race is recommended for grey? I've been using mainly Scarlet Knight with Military as a secondary builder (for the cheap mazing), but I don't find my Glacial Spikes doing very much.

    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    Anonymous - 16.08.2006, 21:28

    Yep. Abuse the waypoint to the best of your ability ^~. Anyway, it depends on the amount of players, if you focus on full house, then yours should do perfectly, less you should go with Ranger or Military first (A good early on maze with less players, because people will leak then), and then get something that can bring up power later. And the amount of money should depend on the mini-game, if it's a coin collector one, you want to get 100+, on a general average though? I'd say between 60-80. With a few exceptions of course, some it's literally not possible to get that high.

    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    Skirn - 16.08.2006, 21:29

    Whoops, forgot to log in. That is me up there as guest.

    Re: Skibi's Castle TD

    tegeus-Cromis - 17.08.2006, 04:06

    Okay, I'm a little confused about the 'to the best of your ability' bit. I didn't realise there was more than one way; am I doing it wrong? Here's how I'm mazing:

    Black = towers
    Blue = walls/Skibi's Castle
    Red = waypoint

    Is there some more efficient way of doing it? And is it ever a good idea to detour into more than a single useful tower, or must you rush to mass ultimates ASAP?

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