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    Re: General Shelf-rules

    admin1 - 17.04.2006, 13:38

    General Shelf-rules
    General rules:

    1. Universal
    The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are to be followed. Disregard can pull criminal pursuit after itself. We would like to point out at this point to the fact that you do not provide anonymously contributions in the forum. We have to find out the possibility the identity of every user.

    In the forum the netiquette usual for newsgroups is to be protected. They communicate here with other people, hence, we ask you from insults to see terms of abuse or similar one. With disregard of the netiquette must be calculated on admonition, warning or exclusion (kick) on the part of the administration.

    3. Pirated copies and unlawful software
    Asking, touting, to competitions and to link of copyright contents for unlawful purposes is prohibited. Offense is avenged, according to hardness, with an admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

    4. Spamming
    The construction of so-called spamming contributions is not welcome. Against this the following offense is avenged:
    * Plentiful construction of the contributions same to contents (Threads) and/or answers, also crosspostings, thus the post of the same contribution in several forums.
    * The contributions which fulfil no purpose but apparently serve only for raising of the contribution counter.
    * The pure smilie contributions which serve apparently only the rise of the contribution counter.
    * The contributions which are designed to discourage participant and/or the discussion are not good.

    5. Contributions of criminal contents
    The contributions which pick out as a central theme criminal behavior, activities and actions are to be omitted, provided that you are not based on an objective basis.

    6. Pornography and not suitable for young people eroticism
    To Link, to competitions and untying of pornographic and not suitable for young people contents is patient. Disregard is avenged with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

    7. Contributions of racist contents
    The contributions which appeal for racism and incitement of the people can lead to the criminal pursuit.

    8. Discrimination
    The discrimination of minorities and physically or spiritually disabled persons are patient and are avenged with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

    09. Glorification of drugs
    The competitions and recommending of drugs are prohibited of every kind. From this regulation are excluded objective discussions to the topic. Disregards are avenged with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

    10. Glorification of power
    The spreading, to link and picture of power-glorifying contents is prohibited and is avenged with admonition, warning or exclusion (kick).

    11. Not from the rules grasped isolated cases
    In the isolated cases which are not grasped by the rules being here the administration on basis of the present facts decides.

    As far as our wishes to You, for the follower guarantee we:
    The personal data stored with the registration are not transmitted to Thirduser or are used for the production by Spam email lists.

    We are left to ourselves to take away the writing authorization from single members at times or totally, if offense against the Shelf – rules takes place.

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