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    Re: Farewell Tour 2009?

    sasred - 05.01.2008, 23:43

    Farewell Tour 2009?
    Would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Wondering if this is on a lot of minds, given the virtual silence over on the official forums.

    If you think it will still go, where do you think the shows will be? Who do you think will be playing them?

    If you don't think the tour will materialize, why?

    Will give others the chance to share first, as always.

    Re: Farewell Tour 2009?

    redorro - 08.01.2008, 10:42

    I'm thinking it is a bit too early for 'them' to let us know what they may or may not be planning. It just all gets too caught up in beaurocracy, red tape, legals etc.

    If it is going to happen, we will probably only have the same notice as we got for The Albert shows.

    What do we want? Just a farewell concert? A farewell concert and a farewell Convention?

    I'm thinking the idea of 2005 was good. There was the afternoon of the Listening Party for the fans. Only the fans attended no band. Then there was the concert at Shepherds Bush for the fans (and then some). But still small and intimate. As intimate as you can expect for SR in the UK. :top

    Where would we like this 'farewell' held? London or the unofficial home of SR, Manchester? :axo

    Too much to think about, I must go and start saving pennies. :alien

    Bye for now.

    Re: Farewell Tour 2009?

    sasred - 12.01.2008, 03:22

    You make some good points, Pat. Good to start saving now, for whatever surprise they may spring on us.

    I do have a plea though. On behalf of every person who wants to see a gig or gigs on this tour...

    There will be a "last gig". Has to be one. I'm sure the most hardcore of the hardcore will want to be AT that show--to say they were there, and to help send the band off. Given how past tours/concerts have been arranged, dates have been added mishmash, with the "last show" often not being determined until most have committed to some plan or other already, both in funding and bookings.

    Give everyone who can swing it a chance to be at that last show. Set up the tour/concert dates all at once and stick to them. Give enough advance warning that those coming from overseas can plan and book. Make it an inclusive affair, not an exclusive one.

    And hey, Pat's ideas here are good too. Have some sort of event for the fans. Convention or what have you. After all, without our support, this wouldn't have been a nice 25 year ride. :wink:

    Of course, I know a convention is contingent on:
    --enough people wanting one in the first place
    --people treating each other with respect

    I think it IS possible.

    Will stop before I get a head of steam. Would like to see others' views on all of this...don't be bashful, people.

    Re: Farewell Tour 2009?

    linmark - 26.01.2008, 08:33

    yeah, even if it's just da man and his kareoke machine
    yes, there will be a tour, even if it is only in Europe......
    we will definately be there unless the USA dollar drops even lower.

    will follow the music.....................................

    :oops: 8)

    Re: Farewell Tour 2009?

    sasred - 26.01.2008, 19:41

    Caught your subject line, Lin. Nice observation!!!! :wink:

    2009 is a year off. A year in which most of the band members have projects they will be releasing. Who's to say what kind of success they might meet with? (Hoping lots!!!) By next year, will they be available for a tour? Will they want to do one? Will they be called back? I think it's very much a decision that will be made on an individual basis, and Mick could be left having to fill in rather large gaps. Not to mention, he's talking 2nd baby. Another child will keep him close to the home fires.

    I'm thinking if we get ANY shows, it will be a small group of them, in the UK, and the band lineup is very much up in the air.

    I'd like to see them do a proper tour, for all the fans who have missed out the last few years. Not sure if it's going to happen though, or who's going to be along for the ride. Could affect how far I go to catch a show.

    We'll see what happens.

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