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    Re: ~yay~

    Sineva - 15.08.2005, 20:47

    I´m so glad=^-^=

    1.our ls has an own Forum!
    2.i´m the first poster in it^.-
    3.*cheer*and *bow*to kardina

    ok...i have to introduce myself... hmm i´m sineva..female (in rl+game)Elvan-and main job drg^.^*hrhr*
    well-...some would say i´m the best drg+best equiped drg on this server*cugh*...but ah well........*ok i´m quiet before someone wanna kill me*

    but ok.. cya all in game..or here^.^ *joy*

    Re: ~yay~

    Benni - 16.08.2005, 08:35

    Yay this time i got an e-mail too.

    omg i know the best drg on the server /cheer. :D

    DRG/THF lv 66 Hume Male thats me Benni. *hrhr*

    see ya.

    Re: ~yay~

    Mayru - 06.09.2005, 13:01

    Hmmm =.= so finally i managed to join the forum here...omg kardidi...our LS page is so CUTE! (>^^)> (Carbuncle)tulations >:P

    but anyways...for now my credit card is gone (yay T_T) so i'm not online this month at least...but hopefully i'll be back before my account gets erased XD *hits head against the wall*

    oh btw..to other members who don't know this (Mega Boss) Tarutaru.... i'm BRD 55/WHM 27 Taru boy -- with most AF parts (i still need Body&Hands, lv58 & 60) >.<

    Later =P (btw..WTF IS A GALKA-POO X_X)

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