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    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Elu Alastor - 30.12.2007, 22:11

    Elu Alastor's application
    About Tibia

    1) Who are you?

    As my name shows, I am Elu Alastor. The first part of my name doesn't tell much, but the second one does. I'm a Fragment of the diversive Alastor soul. There a certain poem that might give you an idea what this means: "One soul, fragmented and blown to different worlds, searching, exploring, looking for other spirits of solitude and peace, Alastor."

    A long time ago, one individual, named Miu Alastor took rigurous steps to secure the surviving of his soul. Being a mighty wizard, specialised in Necromancy, he devided his soul and blew the fragments to different planes of existence. Knowing the nature of the Vortex, Miu knew she would protect and nurture the Fragments. That is how I was raised. A long time passed since that day. Miu Alastor returned once to Rookgaard and came back with a different spirit, that one of a knight, looking for peace and solitude to cleanse his spirit of his terrible past. This change, how unbelievable it might seem, affected all fragments, including me.

    A consequence of this fragmented soul is the existence of many characters on many different worlds. However, the only other world I really play on is Secura, the rest I just visit now and then.

    2) How and what have you heard of the Tribe?

    To be honest, I don't know much about your guild. But I've seen some of your members in game. Also your guild comment really interested me. It clearly shows that you mean to be a neutral guide that lives in solitude. This really reflects my own playing style. I try to stay neutral at all times. Moreover, I prefer to avoid conflicts, as confrontations don't need to lead to violence.

    3) Why do you want to join the Tribe and not some other guild?

    One rather silly reason: I like the name. When you check the guild list, you see countless guilds like "Anticaders of Antica", "Bit Less Sick and Twisted", "Blessed Dragon Slayers", etc, which are too long for me personally. The name "Tribe" is simple, to the point, not annoyingly long and heroic.

    The major reason why I want to join the Tribe is already described in the previous question. I also live a peaceful live of solitude, which is why the Tribe really suits me as a guild, I believe.

    4) Why should we recruit you, what can we expect from you?

    What you can expect from me? Simply respectful and helpful behavior. I believe helping others lies in my nature. If someone asks for food, I'll give him some if I have some. If someone asks for 4 gold pieces, I'll give him those. If someone asks for 200 gold pieces, I'll point him the nearest troll cave. I'll always try to control my temper and think twice before I type or say something. I'm also a bit of a roleplayer and like to do things for the community, like placing stories or interviews on the boards, something for others to read.

    5) What do you expect from us?

    I don't expect much from your side. Just the same respectful behavior that I show. Plus a nice environment where I can feel at home :).

    About your reallife

    1) How old are you?

    I'm 21 years old.

    2) Where are you from?

    I'm from little rainy Belgium, that little piece of land between France and the Netherlands ;)

    3) Who are you?

    I'm just an average guy, nothing really special about me. I study languages, English-Russian, and I'm a leader of the Scouts. I'm currently leader of the agegroup 11-13, only girls, which is a lot of fun, but tiring as well ***. My hobbies are Scouts, bit computering, bit storywriting. I believe that's it :). If there's anything else you'd like to ask, then go ahead and shoot ;).[/i]

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    balzoin - 30.12.2007, 22:24

    Thanks for the application Elu! It will be discussed and considered.

    Maybe you could try to talk to some members ingame, a conversation would be helpful.

    Until we meet, be safe and have a good new year's eve.

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Mavur - 31.12.2007, 02:08

    Good luck mate

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Hugh Black - 31.12.2007, 12:16

    Thank you for your application, we will discuss it straight away.

    Are you from Vlaanderen or Wallonie? ;)


    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Elu Alastor - 31.12.2007, 15:16

    Hugh Black wrote: Thank you for your application, we will discuss it straight away.

    Are you from Vlaanderen or Wallonie? ;)


    I'm from the Flanders, Antwerp in specific :)

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Mavur - 03.01.2008, 00:35

    Greets, Elu!

    It would seem that you have promising character. As such, you have been invited to join us. You may accept the invitation via the guild page.

    Welcome and see you soon,


    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Mennorin - 03.01.2008, 12:28

    I was in Antwerp two weeks ago.
    Great town in December.

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    balzoin - 03.01.2008, 17:45

    Welcome Elu à la Stoooor

    Re: Elu Alastor's application

    Elu Alastor - 03.01.2008, 18:11

    Thanks a lot everyone :)

    @ Balzoin: nicely pronunciated ;)

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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