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    Re: Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora

    Anonymous - 25.11.2005, 18:21

    Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora
    First Bio ever so don't be surprised :p (not that I don't believe you Day)

    Name: Zoie Beliora
    Origin: Shienar
    Age: 19
    Height: 170 cm (don't know the inches at all) :p
    Haircolor: Dark Auburn
    Eyecolor: Blue

    Zoie Beliora was born in Fal Dara, Shienar though she prefered to call it by its forgotten by many name - Mafal Dadaranell. She wasn’t in a very wealthy family. Her father was a warrior as many of the men of Shienar and he was known by his victories against the Blight and the Shadowspawn. Her mother was a good housekeeper. Zoie had an older brother and they were very close to each other.

    Zoie's childhood was somewhat tough and she barely played at all, she loved watching her brother training and secretly wished she could one day learn how to fight. Of course children and women weren't allowed to train with weapons. Zoie loved to read books, especially history. At the age of 9 she already knew almost everything about the Borderlands. She loved the stories about the Aiel. She had a fighting spirit but as every Shienaran she honoured in her heart the peace, the beauty and valued the life.

    One day her father didn't come back from a fight. Everything changed then. Her mother became disheartened, she never smiled anymore and she neglected the housework. Her brother, almost 20 then, wanted to revenge the death of their father. Zoie missed her father but she knew he died fighting and she was proud for being his daughter. She wanted to be like him - fearless and always ready for everything. For a couple of years she was doing almost all the housework. Her mother fell gravely ill and not long after she passed away. At the age of 18 Zoie was all alone, well her brother was somewhere near the Blight fighting his own wars. The days passed and she felt stronger and stronger that she could learn nothing of what she desired by cooking and cleaning. She hated it, the Blight and all the evil, it had taken her father away and now her brother too. She wanted to go away so one day she took her bag and left home. No, there was nothing left she could call home, only the coldness of the land, sad memories and death.

    Traveling over the world, visiting countries she had read about she realized she now had a choice what to do with her life. She learned how to use a sword and a bow very quickly. Zoie soon found out there is another power she had in herself - she could channel. Leaded by the Aes Sedai who found about her abilities and gave her her first lessons, she soon found herself in the Tower of Manetheren wearing the white dress of a Novice. She knew what to do now. She was going to become an Aes Sedai and then she could go and help her brother fight against the Shadow.

    Re: Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora

    Dayilena Alkiren - 25.11.2005, 18:37

    yay, sis!! *hugs her*

    Re: Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora

    Ereleyn Aviar - 25.11.2005, 18:38

    wow, I suggest we all gang up once everybody is a senior member and make a trip into the blight! That should be very interesting, considering everybodies different feelings towards it...


    Re: Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora

    Lyuna Sedai - 25.11.2005, 18:39

    Tehe, Sis :p

    Very nice :D
    Approved for RPing

    Re: Chara Bio, Zoie Beliora

    Anonymous - 25.11.2005, 18:42

    :recruit *bonces*
    *snuggles Day* :p
    :hug :hug's Mommy and Ere Sedai

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