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    the_hydrA - 10.08.2007, 13:36

    Concerning the question for the amount of backpackers in Australia - after weeks of unreasonable argumentation finally some facts... I knew it wouldn't be more than a million, let alone two million Germans! What would that mean -

    Read this:


    A record number of backpackers have received Australian working holiday visas, indicating the market is rebounding from a slump, a peak industry group says.

    In the nine months to March this year, the highest number of working holiday visa holders - 23,839 - were from the United Kingdom, a market that has turned around following a recent downturn.

    The government also issued 21,671 working holiday visas to South Koreans, 11,373 to Germans and 5,986 to the French, jumps of 17, 28 and 26.6 per cent respectively.

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