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    Re: vamps

    Wiawin - 01.06.2007, 07:18

    I HATE vamps also i just read haegals argument on vamp being bugged and seriously they need to fix it. everyone in there seems to love vamps=(grrr.

    So who here hates vamps with a passion and would love to see them all die?

    Re: vamps

    Jones InDaHouse - 06.06.2007, 19:02

    I hate them too,but I need to be neutral in this aspect as a Staff member.Since all realms deserve the same and no one is prefered.But yes vampiir is still bugged,I will try to gather more informations about them.

    Re: vamps

    Haegal - 12.06.2007, 15:21

    It's not a matter of hate^^ just I don't agree that a class who can 4shot any tank in 6-7 seconds is allowed to run in frontier farming rp. Atm the only way to kill a vampiir is a caster (I mean a noob vampiir, a skilled vampiir is impossible to kill even in 2-3 vs him).

    I came back here because I saw the iron vanguard server :O what is it?

    Re: vamps

    Jones InDaHouse - 12.06.2007, 19:35

    Its my test server I run to do tests on it to help the Dawn of Light Server :) Also it link people to our forum if they are interested to play on the DOL server and are looking for a nice guild :wink:

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