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    Re: A small thing

    Nightmare - 30.05.2007, 00:43

    A small thing
    I have a small idea, for a better atmosphere. The bases of each Team looks a little bit boring, the houses are very nice, but if you ask me, you could add some things like:
    -small plants/bushes
    -some wood-boxes

    and some other small things. It think, it could help for some atmosphere...

    But, maybe, you have some better ideas, or a reason, why this idea is stupid

    bye bye and much fun!

    Re: A small thing

    Andriejj - 30.05.2007, 08:40

    These are warcamps, not leisure centres :P

    And those plants probably would have to be imported, to keep them in Japan style :/

    Re: A small thing

    Nightmare - 30.05.2007, 11:08

    Quote: These are warcamps, not leisure centres

    Okay, you are right, but some, bushes, torches and things like that would fit in the war camp scenery. Or what about some weapons which lies on the floor? Er, because it looks so boring and empty, because the Camp is pretty big, and there are not so much houses, normally camps are pretty small, so, you wouldn't need things like that :D

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