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    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:17

    Hier könnt ihr Sondtexte posten und nachlesen.

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:19

    Nightwish - A Return To The Sea

    A star falls down from the darkened sky
    Where new worlds born and die
    Kingdom Animalia watches its approaching glow
    What it means is soon to be known

    Beneath the lovely birch honeymakers build their nest in peace
    On the savannah a lion licks a wounded gnu
    To honor this moment even the heavens cease
    Giant spiders learn how to swim
    With whales they form a united kin

    Snakes say hello to the rats on the ground
    In the meadows play merrily the fox and the hound

    Trilobite & Anymalocharis
    The prey and the hunter
    Survival of the fittest
    Fall of Man

    Seadrops foam all empty human skulls
    Those on the shores of Atlantis
    Darwin's resurrection is witnessed
    By turtles he used to play with

    Healed and happy She oversees
    The Mother
    The tyrant's return to the sea

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:20

    Nightwish - Angels Fall First

    An angelface smiles to me
    Under a headline of tragedy
    That smile used to give me warmth
    Farewell - no words to say
    Beside the cross on your grave
    And those forever burning candles

    Needed elsewhere
    To remind us of the shortness of your time
    Tears laid for them
    Tears of love tears of fear
    Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
    Oh Lord why
    The angels fall first?

    Not relieved by thoughts of Shangri-La
    Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ
    I'll never understand the meaning of the right
    Ignorance lead me into the light

    Needed elsewhere...

    Sing me a song
    Of your beauty
    Of your kingdom
    Let the melodies of your harps
    Caress those whom we still need

    Yesterday we shook hands
    My friend
    Today a moonbeam lightens my path
    My guardian

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:21

    Nightwish - Astral Romance

    A nocturnal concerto
    Candlelight whispers me where to go
    Hymn of gathering stars as my guide
    As I wander on this path of the night

    Embroidery of the stars
    Undress my feelings for this earth
    Send me your salva to heal my scars
    And let this nakedness me my birth

    Macrocosm poured its powers on me
    And the hopes of this world I now must leave
    The nightwish I sent you centuries ago
    Has been heard by those
    Who dwelled in a woe

    The distance of our bridal bed
    Await for me to be dead
    Dust of the galaxies take my hand
    Lead me to my beloved's land

    Departed by the guillotine of death
    I received a letter from the depth
    The dream of my lover it carried inside

    Caressed by the sharpest knife
    I asked you to be my wife
    Rays of the setting sun
    Were my tears wept upon promises undone

    Come to me
    Make me believe
    to you and your love again

    Above the universe
    Beneath the Great Eye
    I shall desire you forevermore

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:21

    Nightwish - Beauty And The Beast

    Remember the first dance we shared?
    Recall the night you melted my ugliness away?
    The night you left with a kiss so kind
    Only a scent of beauty left behind

    Ah dear friend I remember the night
    The moon and the dreams we shared
    Your trembling paw in my hand
    Dreaming of that northern land
    Touching me with a kiss of a beast

    I know my dreams are made of you
    Of you and only for you
    Your ocean pulls me under
    Your voice tears me asunder
    Love me before the last petal falls

    As a world without a glance
    Of the ocean's fair expanse
    Such the world would be
    If no love did flow in thee
    But as my heart is occupied
    Your love for me now has to die
    Forgive me I need more than you can offer me

    Didn't you read the tale
    Where happily ever after was to kiss a frog?
    Don't you know this tale
    In which all I ever wanted
    I'll never have
    For who could ever learn to love a beast?

    However cold the wind and rain
    I'll be there to ease your pain
    However cruel the mirrors of sin
    Remember beauty is found within

    ...Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you...

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:22

    Nightwish - Elvenpath

    (In the sheltering shade of the forest
    Calling calming silence
    Accompanied only by the full moon
    he howling of a night wolf
    And the path under my bare feet...
    ...The Elvenpath)

    Hearing music from the deepest forest
    Songs as a seduction of sirens
    The elf-folk is calling me

    Tapio, Bear-king, Ruler of the forest
    Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer of the ill and sad
    Open the gate and let me follow the uncarven path

    The way to the lands
    Where as a hero I stand
    The path where Beauty met the Beast
    It's the honesty of these worlds
    Ruled by magic and mighty swords
    That makes my soul long for the past

    The moonwitch took me to a ride on a broomstick
    Introduced me to her old friend home gnome
    Told me to keep the sauna warm for him

    At the grove I met the rest - the folk of my fantasies
    Bilbo, Sparhawk, goblins and pixies
    Snowman, Willow, trolls and the seven dwarves
    The path goes forever on

    The way to the lands...

    As I return to my room
    And as sleep takes me by my hand
    Madrigals from the woods
    Carry me to neverland
    In this spellbound night
    The world's an elvish sight
    In this spellbound night
    The world's an elvish sight

    Re: Songtexte

    Mystique - 09.03.2007, 14:23

    Nightwish - Know Why The Nightingale Sings?

    What does the free fall feel like?
    Asks the boy with a spark in his eye
    Know why the nightingale sings
    Is the answer to everything

    Taking a step to the world unbound
    Spinning my fantasies all around
    Freed from the gravital leash
    I swear the heaven's in my reach

    Dancing with the spirit of the air
    In this ocean so so open and fair
    Making love to the gods above
    On my maiden voyage so bold

    Landing safely to the blue lagoon
    Don't know if this is the earth or the moon
    Joy of living is no more a mask
    The Eden I found will forever last

    Migrating with the geese
    My soul has finally found peace
    Doesn't matter that man has no wings
    As long as I hear the nightingale sing...

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