!HctiB! vs [drgn]

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    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 14.02.2007, 10:49

    !HctiB! vs [drgn]
    sunday 4th march probably we have a 8vs8 war against an italian clan called [drgn] - i hope we are not to busy with the cup!
    http://drgn.homelinux.net/ :bat:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RapeFromBack - 14.02.2007, 13:35

    Good...good! :twisted:
    We have good ability to fuck lot of brains off (Blue u are 1st)

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RapeFromBack - 04.03.2007, 10:45

    Hi all Bitches! War starts today at 20 pm in Estonian timezone, im working today and hope i can be there 8) I will phone to Blue and he will let u know if there are any complications :roll:
    Lets own them guys :wink:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 04.03.2007, 18:34

    Rogger! ;)

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Nutter - 04.03.2007, 21:37

    We need to do more teamwork and practise. We could of beaten thouse guys.
    I know i cant whine more about this part cause i am not around lately almost not at all:P but practise makes perfect

    sry for guest post:P didnt look XD

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 04.03.2007, 22:54

    It wasn't my day... i think i give up my soldierpussyclass after this :(

    ja! need more training on pro servers.. but there are always certain bitches who dosn't like this mod really much.... right Calzoncino? :D

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 05.03.2007, 11:53

    At least Italy won :D :D :D

    don't give up bitches! was just bad luck
    !HctiB! is just at the beginning of his career :twisted:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 16.04.2007, 10:10

    well, on 26th of april we have the return match against [drgn].
    For choosing the maps they have a special method :D
    they wanna make two 1vs1 fights in valhalla with different players. Every team choose its best fraggaz for the duels while all other are specs and watch. The winner can choose the map! I still have to ask how someone win... per k/d ratio or per first kill??!!

    if we win and can choose the map/s i would say we take adlersex
    in the case of a second victory whichone should we choose?

    more important: which 2 bitches should do the 1vs1?
    my vote:
    :!: U'Rass'sMINE
    :!: IwillSWALLOW

    P.S.: i cant add a poll because max poll options are 5 :roll:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Kito - 17.04.2007, 16:01

    heh guys i readed that we need more train and stuff? maybe we shouldn't train @ public maybe we can make some takktiks for the wars... and if u want know who are the best 1on1 players from this team we can train 1on1 too i have a server with password so noone can come @ this server :)

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 26.04.2007, 23:19

    :P we did it!! we did iiiiiit!!! muahahaha
    even if i played like the greatest nab! so your demos must be twice time better than usual cuz if i didnt kill anyone.. someone must have made the kills! :D

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    b4LLz - 27.04.2007, 00:04

    same like me, i was the greatest noob on this war realy, lol, most on frost,
    i burn now my demos on cd, and then i put the cd in microwave and then i switch to the highest level of emission. :knife: :knife: :knife:

    but someone has done all the work, thanks

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    swallow - 27.04.2007, 07:29

    rabb maybe you should move your mouse next time.
    or maybe you played with that nintendo "arnold" remote:P

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 18.12.2007, 20:35

    Time 4 the 3rd part of the [drgn] funwarepisode ;)
    27th december at 21:00 GMT+1 (CET)
    on our server!

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Fir - 19.12.2007, 18:19

    i hope i can play but i cant promise this ..holiday and mybe i will be very drunken on 27 december :wink:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Nutter - 27.12.2007, 17:32

    Mr fir just told me he will not make it tonight and so we need replacement !!!! für him

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 27.12.2007, 19:35

    für? :) are you going to prove your german knowledge? :lol:
    Well Allan and Tom said they can... ollo too, blue too, me too... ;)

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 27.12.2007, 23:50

    thx to Allan, b4llz, and Tom to don't tell me before that you cant partecipate at war respectively falling asleep incidentally before war!
    And don't tell me you forgot it cuz i even remembered you some hours ago on msn.
    It's rly hard to make a post in forum some hours before, right!?
    Damn lamer nabs!
    Fortunately there was ruck!s and vigur to play with us or i could have cancelled the war with a fuck idiot impression for our clan.
    Moving a war to another day isn't rly a problem but don't showing up when enemy is already on the server sux and makes ppl angry!!!

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Nutter - 28.12.2007, 01:18

    and we lost

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 28.12.2007, 06:35

    well thats no prob if we lost... we didnt play with our standard bitch team... , the point is that ppl are to lame and to idiot to tell important things to pll who have to organize wars.

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    Fir - 28.12.2007, 10:09

    ohh really sorry all hctib :( i was really nab i have no excuse
    but i have already saied winter holiday is really busy for me :?

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 28.12.2007, 15:33

    at least you said it some time before so you don't rly need to apologize.

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 16.05.2008, 17:45

    4th war against drgn this wednesday 21 may 2008 at 20:30 GMT+1
    bring along your highskill and tell me if you can't be there for the war!

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RapeFromBack - 20.05.2008, 18:22

    Ya lets own some italian pizzagays :lol:
    Hmm u are our enemy indisguise rabba :twisted:

    Hope many gaybiches will join see ya :wink:
    @Idiotic it means war will be 21:30!! :lol:

    Re: !HctiB! vs [drgn]

    RaBBitRApER - 20.05.2008, 21:22

    yep b4llz too. Traditors 4 life!

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