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    Re: Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!

    Bemme - 19.11.2006, 18:22

    Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!
    I want to show you all our New HOME!


    I made a Website and a Fleet Forum, in cooperation with Hunter.

    Both, website and forum, arent at final stage so that there can be some changes.
    If you have any hints, comments or something we should add, you can contact me here via PM or ingame and so on...

    I made the Website in a simple way but if the most players want a more modern or more graphical version i have nothing against it, but pls collect all hints into a topic.

    pls, i hope you all will register as this Forum will be the major place of communication. because the normal crowns forum isnt secure enough to keep our internal informations secret and the new one has no adds.

    later there will be a normal adress for the website.

    cheers, bemme

    Re: Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!

    F242 - 19.11.2006, 21:18

    I like the look of it, good job.

    Re: Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!

    silik80 - 20.11.2006, 16:25

    good work

    Re: Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!

    uels58 - 30.11.2006, 07:02

    Hallo zusammen.

    Ich kann leider die neue Seite nicht mehr aufmachen.
    geht es euch auch so?

    Gruss Beat

    Re: Treasure Trove official Fleet Website!

    hunterhh - 30.11.2006, 14:11

    ja, geht mir auch so.
    keine ahnung warum.

    Yes, i cannot access the treasure trove fleet forum right now and i dont have a clue why...

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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