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    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    Kai Okarian - 24.08.2006, 14:13

    A freestyle about Samruai Legends
    Hidy. I wrote this really fast (less than 10 mins), so if possible, I'd like some constructive criticism.

    Samurai Legends

    By: Chase Coleman

    Clans Asai and Takeda are at war
    Their troops viciously clashing
    Gaining honor from their actions
    Rise mighty heroes
    Defend your lords honor
    Fight for the victory of your clan
    Destroy your enemies
    Emerge victorious

    The Ronin
    A samurai with no lord
    He fights to regain his honor
    To gain a lord
    His strikes quick and plentiful
    Striking from the air
    He stuns his foes with his might
    Chanting a poem of death
    He strikes fear into the heart
    Whirling his blade about
    He rips his foes apart

    The Yari Samurai
    Using an ancestral spear
    Granted from his forefathers
    His might causes foes to blanch
    His rage is legendary
    Granting him further strength and power
    His Sha Technique
    Striking many at once
    Swinging his spear with much power
    Knocking back his foe many yards
    The mighty power of the Oni demon
    Striking death into many a soul

    The Yumi Samurai
    Using her powerful longbow
    Striking from far
    Strafing around the enemy
    Shooting arrows into their throats
    Training for years
    Aiding her accuracy
    Laying down traps
    Hitting with surprise
    Shooting a rain of arrows
    She annihilates all in her path
    The queen of siege warfare

    The Warlord
    Riding a mighty steed
    With his mighty banner
    Raising his troops morale
    Extensive first aid training
    Enabling his army to fight on
    His rare and mighty gun
    Casting fear into the heart and spirit of his foe
    The mighty soul of the dragon
    Burning all who stand in the path to victory

    The Ninja
    A silent warrior
    His throwing stars
    Striking vital points
    Ancient vanishing tricks
    Appearing next to a foe
    Disappearing before retaliation
    Entangling enemies in hemp
    Stopping all in their path
    Many daggers of fury
    Stabbing many in their wrath

    The Shinobi
    An ancient master
    Walking the path of death
    He sows doom in his way
    Never where you believe him to be
    The darkness is his ally
    Fear its restoritive power
    The mighty shadow
    His one last surviving friend

    Heroes to fight for honor
    Heroes to fight for glory
    In the name of their lords
    Mighty heroes!
    Destroy the opposing clan
    Vanquish all in your path
    Bring honor to your family
    Honor to yourself
    Create your own Legend
    Mighty Samurai

    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    nooK - 27.08.2006, 23:48

    I like it :P

    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    Lyncor - 28.08.2006, 16:34

    Reads quite well, Kai. I quite like it :D

    Nice work.

    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    Shadow Phoenix - 04.09.2006, 06:06

    Wow, no critisim here man.

    Very poetic, worthy to be connected to the great map, Samurai Legends.

    Two thumbs up from this critic. :D


    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    PhiniX - 16.10.2006, 12:14

    wow awesome poems :o rly nice done .. just 5/5 8)

    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    PhiniX - 16.10.2006, 12:42

    I also make poems :lol: here's mine for the /|/inja .. my favourite hero :D comments plz ... and credit if you like it : 8)

    - /|/inja -
    Walking in Shadows ...
    ... Dissapearing in fogs
    Stalking in the Night...
    ... Pain in his eyes
    Shuriken in his Hands ...
    ... Waiting for the right moment
    ..... It's just one moment ..
    Which distinguish between life and death ....
    ... And then you see the daggers fly
    Hitting your body ...
    ... Smog devours your breath
    And if thousand and thousand bloody tears are crying for you ...
    ... You know there's no more hope for you
    Cause /|/inja's twilight came over you ...

    hope you like it 8)

    Re: A freestyle about Samruai Legends

    Omerta - 16.10.2006, 13:26

    Poem is nice, but

    is your friend too. Abuse him instead of reply button.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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