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    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 17.08.2006, 08:05

    Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!
    I don't know where i could get a model for this idea...it'll be a pretty hard one...Also needs a name

    For those of you who don't know what a kusari-gama is

    melee or 300range
    Start HP:325
    Start MP:250
    Start Str: 15
    Start Agi: 23(primary)
    Start Int: 13
    unsure of increases as of yet...

    start damage: Kama 28-35(melee) chain20-27(300 range)
    base ability, stlye switch
    switch between using the kama(melee more damage) or the weight at the end of the chain(300range less damage)

    Throw the chain of the kusari-gama, the target gets 25% reduced movement speed, reduced attack speed, and must remain within 800range? of caster (sorry this skill HAS to affect attack, it's the original point of the wepon itself I myself will not take away some attack debuff)
    Level1:2sec duriation 200 casting range
    Level2:3sec duriation 300 casting range
    Level3:4sec duriation 400 casting range
    Level4:5sec duriation 500casting range
    Level5:6sec duriation 600casting range

    Pull in:(really want better name)
    Throw the kama hoping to puncture the flesh of the target, then pull them in dealing damage. (damage= 1/2range pulled +initaial)
    Level1:10 initial damage pulls 100-150 cast range of 300 (60-85dmg)
    Level2:20 initial damage pulls 150-200 cast range of 350 (95-120dmg)
    Level3:40 initial damage pulls 200-250 cast range of 400 (140-155dmg)
    Level4:80 initial damage pulls 250-300 cast range of 450 (205-230dmg)
    Level 5:160 initial damage pulls 300-350 cast range of 500 (310-335dmg)

    Chain block:
    Block with the chain, 25% to cast level1 entanglement with a succesful melee block (meaing at level 1 of this skill there is only a 1.75%chance to cast the entanglement for melee and a 5.5% at level 5)
    Level1:5%melee 0% range
    Level2:7%melee 5% range
    Level3:10%melee 7%range
    Level4:15%melee 10%range
    Level5:22%melee 15%range

    Ulti:Death whirl:
    Spins the weight over the head dealing increasing damage per secound(momentum increase) then hurls it foreward dealing devastating damage and stunning the target Before any damage can be dealt with the spin, some momentum still must be built up(1-2second casting time)(the throw goes in a straight line and damages the first thing it hits, prob like 1/4-1/2 dmg to buildings, spin won't affect buildings))

    Level1:start 5damage a secound spins for 6secound doubling dps everysecound(total of 315dmg) deals 50 hurl damage and stuns for .5 sec
    Level2:10initial 5sec duriation(310dmg) hurl deals 100 1sec stun
    Level3:20initial 4sec duriation(300dmg) hurl deals 150 1.5sec stun
    Level4:40initial 3sec duriation(280dmg) hurl deals 200 2sec stun
    Level5:80initial 2sec duriation(240dmg) hurl deals 250 2.5sec stun

    -serious nerfing has been done

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    tegeus-Cromis - 17.08.2006, 15:26

    Quote: Sorry about being so vague and not giving level specs but if i did you'd prob yell at me more for balencing issues =P.

    No. Please include these; they're important.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 17.08.2006, 15:39

    OK I did a little fixing, enjoy!!

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Omerta - 17.08.2006, 18:00

    Well, he is imba. The effect of entanglement is STRONG and this map already has quite large amount of stuns/slows/disablers compared to the amount of heros. Second, he is able to deal nearly 1k damage at lvl 20, stunning enemy for 5 seconds and slowing him for extra 10 seconds which gives you time hack'n slash enemy quite a bit.

    The concept itself, well, I don't really like it. :p

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 18.08.2006, 03:08

    Lol yeah I'm no good at balencing, and maybe the stun can increase by .5 insteada 1 for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 and maybe decrease the length of entanglement. I unno I was bored one day when I made this and because the kusari-gama is too over looked. I think it could work if you just tweak it a bit.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Jhonny - 30.08.2006, 19:47

    I Like this!in the moment i play the game i think...why not a kusari gama ninja?
    so an idea of abilyti is the Buther of dota, he trown a chain and the enemy come near him, this is a kusari-gama abilyti...
    I think a ranged normaly attack, 400 ranged an exemple...
    and a nice ideia its utilise a teleport abilyti to firm: His a Ninja!
    Teleport lv 1-to a tower near the base, 4 sec of casting and 60 sec coldown
    lv-2 to the second line of towers, 3,5 casting time and 50 sec coldown
    lv-3 near to a creep 3,0 casting time and 40 sec coldown
    lv-4 near to visible area in the map 2,5 casting time 35 sec coldown
    lv-5 to an aly hero in the map 2,0 casting time and 30 sec coldown

    remember if the abilyti was lv-2 you can go or to the first line of towers or to the second.

    So this is an idea!
    God Luck, and if can help just call me or send a PM.


    P.S.:sorry for the englich errors ;D

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Omerta - 30.08.2006, 20:19

    Jhonny wrote: I Like this!in the moment i play the game i think...why not a kusari gama ninja?
    Model us a ninja using kusari-gama so we might try to actually create a hero of it.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Lyncor - 31.08.2006, 02:00

    Reading this as it is now, he seems way too good.

    I'd nerf him a tad.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 31.08.2006, 02:12

    Yeah, I admit it is WAY over powered, but I'm working on balencing, and a model(model might be a couple versions away lol, I invite anyone else to do it quicker. I'm still studying how to model.) And this was only something to open peoples eyes to the possiblity of a kusari-gama which i belive is way too over looked.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Lyncor - 31.08.2006, 02:18

    Suggestion: Severely nerf the initial damage for the pull-in move. I'm talking:

    Level 1 - 10
    Level 2 - 20
    Level 3 - 30
    Level 4 - 40
    Level 5 - 50

    And have most of the damage from it being the damage-per-range from the actual hooking in of the character. This makes the move a LOT more skill based, which is the general theme for hero abilities in SL.

    Also, it goes without saying that this should be dodgeable - though still make the 'hook' move very quickly.

    Additionally, take out the 'cannot attack' from 'entanglement'. Having to remain near the hero is nasty enough, especially considering the counter-based nature of the third skill using the level 1 of this ability. He'd be un-fightable, which is never fun.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 31.08.2006, 02:35

    I just made(if you posted your idea before my edit) the pull do 10dmg per distance rather than the full distance, the values are up. And instead of stopping atk, it'll reduce speed, or something. also nerfed ulti

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Anonymous - 31.08.2006, 06:00

    Suggestion: I think the kusari-gama dont need a damage ult, your ultimate idea is great but nook, the map creator, tip in another toppic, on the 6 heros of the 0,7 version, 4 or 5 of this have a damage ultimate, so why not make a diference, kusari-gam its an inovation so why not make he espacialy?
    If you want want i can research in other maps / icons for the kusari-gama ninja!

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Jhonny - 31.08.2006, 06:03

    I am the guest on the up reply, sorry Im not logged...
    so now wee now :wink:

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 31.08.2006, 12:01

    ok, but we still need a model lol and unless you wanna wait a while A LONG while someone else hasta do it. And any suggestions for a dif ulti?

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Jhonny - 01.09.2006, 15:12

    Yeah...maybe in the next toppic i have an idea ;D
    So maybe an elemental ult exemple: the kusaria gama wif an ice element:
    frezing the enemy for 2 sec 50% slow or fire element +10 damage, its an idea...
    Or an image copy like a buchin, I dont nopw for the moment ;D
    and you have new Ideas?

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 07.09.2006, 02:07

    Kusari-gama doesn't seem to be very elemental to me...lol. If it was one it's have to be wind, seeing as how it can be thrown and swung in the air, or used as an improvised grapling hook. And since I realy like the consept of my ulti =P i'm goin to try to find some possible way to hope to balence it.

    BTW I update the skill stats everytime i post on this topic.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Jhonny - 08.09.2006, 01:52

    Yeah, its realy maybe not a elemental...heheh its only one idea..maybe critical..because one thing its sure Kusari-Gama is a hero killer... :wink:

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Vladhslavh - 10.10.2006, 18:36

    Callahan did a chain model on wc3campaigns.net, maybe its usefull to you guys...

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Viziroth - 10.10.2006, 20:24

    Vladhslavh wrote: Callahan did a chain model on wc3campaigns.net, maybe its usefull to you guys... Yes it would be nice, but we still need a char model. I'd make one but I ran my modeler earlier and it made my com crash, so I can't do it lol...

    also post the actual URL next time...

    Added base stats and did some skill nerfing to entangle, chain block, and the ulti and edited pull-in a bit.

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Vladhslavh - 11.10.2006, 17:52

    humm, i think that the only problem in making the kusari gama ninja is the attack anims... i once heared that animate chain/ropes is really hard =P

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Vladhslavh - 02.11.2006, 01:59

    sry for double post, err, well, i downloaded a 3DS max 5 Demo and took some time to learn a little about modeling and when i was playing a little with some models to get better i did something that i tough was nice... i have taked some pics just in case a real modeller like the idea and do it better...



    i tough this "armor" fit well with the kusaari gama ninja... please dont flame me, its just my first 3D "modify" =P

    Re: Hero:Kusari-gama ninja!

    Lord.DarthVader - 08.11.2006, 09:32

    Hi im find Skins for this Ninja! I thin be ok for this idea!


    My suggestion for speels to be add one Jumping Spell to this ninja like this:

    Its like last ninja seel in Ninja Hero only upper and one rolling.

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