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    Re: Builds and Gear..

    Alred - 20.07.2006, 12:11

    Builds and Gear..
    Well i have wondered why we didnt have a topic like most others...
    So now i making one.. :-)

    Here is my profile:

    .. It would be fun if u also made your.. I know Tyrio have made a nice guid...

    U not gonna get a heal if u dont?..
    crap u can heal yourself ./cry...
    Well cya in-game

    Re: Builds and Gear..

    Dynathir - 03.08.2006, 08:40

    Finally pulled myself together and made a shows both my damage gear and my healing gear....havn't bothered to add all the enchants and all my rep info.

    Re: Builds and Gear..

    LilhaugeN - 09.08.2006, 00:50

    Hey :) Heres my build and talents (;

    Didnt bothered making a Ctprofile :P takes ages..

    Using my allakhazam profile instead .
    Much easier, and it updates items/rep/inventory automatic (:

    Much easier hehe ..

    Re: Builds and Gear..

    LilhaugeN - 09.08.2006, 00:52

    And btw, thats not my real wand ;) Imba for mana regen with JOW cause of the speed hehe (:

    Re: Builds and Gear..

    Gillia - 12.08.2006, 20:45

    I have bandages, healing potion, a health regen trinket and sometimes i have health regen fish too, so I think I'm allowed to have my build in here as well as the other class sections :D

    Check the siggie...

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