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    Re: About your Map

    Ancient - 03.07.2006, 19:15

    About your Map
    I have play your map with my friends. We play alot of times and we love it. I was wonder when the next verison is going to come out. Also, I think it needs more heros and more items. I should put some female Ninjas or warrior. I hope your next verison will be better. I LOVE YOUR MAP.

    Re: About your Map

    nooK - 03.07.2006, 19:26

    Thanks, new version should be come out the next week, but this isn´t sure you know ;)
    New version will include many bugfixes and balancing, a assistance system, 2 new heroes, some new effects, many changes to items (sadly only one new item, but more will come), smaller filesize (2,55mb) for faster downloading...
    The list of changes is long and I think all the changes make up for a better gameplay :)

    Re: About your Map

    tegeus-Cromis - 03.07.2006, 19:56

    Wait, am I understanding this correctly? Do you mean to start and finish beta-testing between now and then, or do you mean that you are confident enough in the balance etc. to release the next version without the beta-testing we'd talked about earlier? If so, even better! :D Can't wait to use the Onmyoji. Heavy nukers are my second-favourite kind of hero. :wink:

    Re: About your Map

    Aray - 03.07.2006, 21:52

    Even so, we can still perform thorough beta-tests in groups to clear out any problems for coming versions. It always helps on motivation when beta-testing though, that you are infact testing a map wich noone else will be able to try untill a week or so ;) But that's fully up to nooK of course :twisted:

    Re: About your Map

    Kouenzan - 06.07.2006, 11:19

    hurray!! :lol: it will be a novel of changelog! hahaha, good job nook. i'm looking forward into it!

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