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    Re: My joining application

    Bellmaster - 27.11.2008, 19:58

    My joining application
    Greetings the Sagon.

    My name is Bellmaster, im level 44 master sorcerer.
    I am the only one that is playing and owe this account/character.
    There has never been anyone other either on the account and the characters.

    This is my 3rd character, my first is Raggarballe, level 37 ms on Eternia, and the second is Magic Maestro lvl 50 Royal paladin here on antica.
    I started to play here since all my friends on eternia started to play on other world's. I didnt change world since i didnt want to level up again. But then my real life friend Lord Shaozaro asked me to start playing here, i have pretty many RL friends here on Antica, some of them is; Lord Shaozaro, Zybela, Cyrus Blackheart, Rajjz, Joffa and durah mith.

    I created Magic Maestro and started to lvl up. but as i always been playing on mages i wanted to start playing on mage now aswell.
    So i created Bellmaster, and here i am.

    My former guilds is only one, and that is, Spawn of the hellfire, Mercenarys Academy guild. But suddenly Mercs where in the war against the Dark Side, and i didnt want any trouble so i left. Since then i've been guildless. Another reason i left, i was just lvl 20 back then, so i couldnt do anything about the war apart from die.

    §2.4 Do you have a Tibian family? If so, name them.

    My Tibia family is: Lord Shaozaro, Uhufink, Cyrus Blackheart, Dark mone, Tamos, Zybela, Durah Mith, Rajjz and many more!

    §2.5 Who are your 5 closest friends?

    My closets friends is Lord Shaozaro, Uhufink, Dark mone, Durah Mith and Tamos.

    Do you have any enemies?

    No, i have no enemies!

    My reason's to writing this application and try to join the sagon is one of my best friends, Uhufink is in it. Other reasons is that i dont want to be lonely anymore.
    Last reason for writing this, is i have only been hearing good things about the guild so i thought i give it a try.

    I have one friend i Sagon (as i know, havent been looking on every member yet). That is Uhufink. Strange but i can't remember how we meet eachother! do you know Uhu? if so tell me;)

    I would be loyal to the guild, stand and fight, until im on the rookard if so needed. And i am a good friend :)

    I think i would explain the guild as calm, no trouble makers.

    i'm online about 8 hours/day, Weekend as Weekdays.

    §4.2 What do you usually do when you’re online?
    Im taking lvls, chat with friends or making runes.

    My goals in tibia is to take level 100, make Anni and the bigger quests.

    Yes, i did role play some in the Spawns of the hellfire some times. It was pretty fun, it would be more fun if everyone would take it more serious.

    Real life info:

    My name is Christopher and im from Sweden. im 19 years old.
    I dont know the time zone :oops:

    This is the second time i wrote the application, the first one i meet to delete, The first time i did a RPG Story (for the first time hehe) i cant remember it now tho, but i will write one if needed when i have more time to figure out some good!

    Well thats all from me, I hope i'll could join the Sagon.

    Take care all, and see you around!

    Kind Regards


    Re: My joining application

    Dess - 27.11.2008, 21:16

    Greetings Bellmaster.

    first of, nice application indeed!

    Second, we will talk about it in sagon, and decide, and after that we will contact you ingame, so stay tuned.

    Yours // DeSs

    Re: My joining application

    Uhufink - 27.11.2008, 22:12

    good luck mate <3

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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