D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club

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    Re: D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club

    nici2280 - 12.04.2006, 14:02

    D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club
    Police questioning witnesses, searching for shooter.

    Proof, a member of the Eminem-fronted Detroit-based hip-hop sextet D12, was killed early Tuesday morning outside a Detroit nightclub in a shooting that left another man in critical condition.

    According to a spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department, Proof (real name: DeShauHolton) suffered a gunshot wound to the head at the CCC Club on East Eight Mile Road, near Gratiot Avenue. By the time police arrived just after 5 a.m., the club — which was operating illegally, after hours — had been cleared out, but several witnesses have come forward to discuss the incident with investigators.

    The police spokesperson said only that "an altercation occurred [inside the club], and shots rang out," but would not discuss the shooting further, as the 32-year-old rapper's next of kin have not yet been notified.

    Both victims (the other man's name has not been released) were transported to hospitals; Proof was rushed to St. John Holy Cross Hospital, while the second victim, who is 35 and also sustained a gunshot to the head, was taken to St. John Hospital, where he's listed as being in critical condition. Proof was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Proof, Eminem's longtime friend (see "Proof: 'Eminem's Best Friend' And A Vital Member Of Detroit's Hip-Hop Scene"), appeared in the film "8 Mile" as Lil' Tic; he also served as Eminem's best man when the rapper remarried Kim Mathers in January. Eminem filed for divorce last week (see "Eminem Files For Divorce From Kim — Again").

    Remembering Proof
    "This is a sad ending to a great career that was just getting started. He will be missed."

    What do you think of Proof's life and death? You Tell Us

    See the latest on Proof's tragic end in these video clips

    DeShaun 'Proof' Holton: 1973-2006

    Police are searching for the suspected gunman; a description has not been made available. Detectives have asked that anyone with any information on the shooting come forward.

    The shooting is the second in three months to involve a member of Eminem's inner circle. Em protégé Obie Trice was shot and wounded New Year's Eve while riding with his girlfriend along a Detroit freeway (see "Obie Trice Recovering From New Year's Eve Shooting"); police have yet to make an arrest in connection with that incident, which remains under investigation. One of D12's original members, Bugz (real name: Kornail Pitts) was shot and killed on May 21, 1999, during a picnic at Detroit's Belle Isle Park.

    According to the Detroit Free Press, several Detroit hip-hop DJs, radio personalities, rappers and producers, as well as Eminem and Obie Trice, planned to meet with Proof's family at the hospital on Tuesday morning (April 11). D12 was set to begin work on its third album this month.

    MTV News will have more on this developing story throughout the day.


    Re: D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club

    nici2280 - 12.04.2006, 14:46

    Relatives say altercation led to exchange of gunfire

    Police confirm Army vet was shot first by rapper, who was then slain in bar on Eight Mile in Detroit.

    DETROIT -- Proof, the rapper often credited with first giving Eminem serious consideration as an artist, was shot to death early Monday morning, apparently after shooting an Army veteran at a troublesome east side nightclub, police said.

    Ironically, the shooting happened along Eight Mile, the cultural dividing line Eminem made famous in a 2002 movie that featured characters loosely based on the hardscrabble rappers' climb from obscurity.

    Details of the shooting at the CCC club remained unclear late Tuesday.

    Lamont Bryant, who calls himself the club's administrator, declined to discuss details of the shooting but said Proof was a regular at the club who didn't believe in hiring bodyguards. "This incident was extremely out of the ordinary," Bryant said. "He was at the club and seemed comfortable; nobody thought there would be a problem."

    Relatives of Detroit resident Keith Bender, who was critically wounded in the shooting, claimed Proof shot Bender and then was shot by someone else. Detroit police confirmed their account.

    "Some words were exchanged. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Angel Bender, Keith Bender's sister-in-law. "We're still putting the pieces together."

    The shooting was the second in Detroit in the past four months for members of Eminem's rap group, D12, and it stunned the city's music community.

    "I really hope (Proof) will be remembered in the hip-hop community as a pillar," said MC Serch, former morning show host at WJLB-FM (97.9).

    "Several artists would not have a career at all had it not been for Proof, and to think he would be remembered any other way would be sad."

    Proof was shot in the head. Bender, 35, was also shot in the head. Police had no suspects Tuesday night.

    The club was closed Tuesday night as police worked inside seeking evidence. At the bottom of the club's sign someone scrawled in red ink: RIP Proof.

    On New Year's Eve, rapper Obie Trice, also a member of D12, was shot in the head driving on the Lodge. Trice was not seriously injured.

    Proof said recently there was more than bad luck involved in cases like that. "I think it's a Detroit thing, honestly," he said in a soon-to-be published interview with Detroit Rock City magazine.

    "It was a good thing the bullet didn't really penetrate."

    Proof remained close friends with Eminem, serving as best man at the rapper's second wedding to Kim Mathers in January. Eminem could not be reached for comment.

    Angel Bender said her brother-in-law retired as a staff sergeant from the Army because of heart troubles. He is a Detroit native and 1990 graduate of Osborn High School. He was a medic and a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, she said.

    He went out Monday to celebrate word that he would no longer need a defibrillator for a heart condition after two years, she said.

    Both men were at the CCC club with friends, police said. It appears an altercation between the groups sparked the shooting.

    By early Tuesday night fans gathered near the club at Eight Mile and Brock, where a makeshift memorial was set up.

    The fans placed stuffed animals and posted notes on and around a utility pole as motorists passed by honking horns and yelling cheers of "Big Proof!"

    Luida Kuzel, 20, of Detroit, couldn't make sense of Proof's slaying and believes retaliation from Proof's friends is inevitable. "It's not right, but that's what happens," she said.

    The shooting happened inside the CCC, a private club with a troubled recent history.

    In December, police cited the club's management for underage drinking and after-hours operations there.

    Authorities have made 18 other visits to the club in the past decade, police said.

    In recent weeks, a bouncer was shot and wounded there, said James Tate, a spokesman for the Detroit Police Department.


    stefanie - eminem planet

    Re: D12's Proof Shot And Killed At Detroit Club

    nici2280 - 12.04.2006, 15:35

    DESHAUN HOLTON, AKA PROOF | 1973-2006: Slaying silences driving force of Detroit hip-hop
    Proof and Eminem gave stature to city rap

    Detroit hip-hop was at a loss for words.

    It was difficult for a community of word-slingers to talk about the shooting death of one of their own Tuesday, as news quickly traveled the streets of Detroit and around the world.

    At age 32, Detroit rapper Proof was dead. The man many credit with helping push Detroit rap onto the national scene, and who was widely seen as Eminem's right-hand man, was gone.

    "He was one of the forefathers of Detroit hip-hop," said 34-year-old rapper Phat Kat, who recently hung out with Proof at Detroit's Northern Lights Lounge, a bar that attracts Detroit's hip-hop heavyweights every Tuesday night. "That's a real blow to the hip-hop community. ... He was one of the persons that was responsible for Detroit hip-hop as a whole."

    Proof, who was born Deshaun Holton, was one of the most recognizable figures in D12, the supergroup that includes Eminem. He's considered one of the top hype men in the hip-hop game, always on stage -- at the mic -- next to Eminem. But he's probably best known to the world for being best buddies with Eminem, a friendship fictionalized in the movie "8 Mile" with Mekhi Phifer playing a role based on Proof. He even served as best man in January when Eminem remarried his ex-wife, Kim.

    detroit freepress

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