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Re: MK leaving the /as

Salidor - 02.06.2008, 03:00
MK leaving the /as
Tryed to get a hold of a the Main GMs of BA, but sadly after 3 weeks nothing.

MK is leaving the /as due to few reasons.
Most of them have Never been directed at me but more towards my Guildies.

this /as was Ment to better Help all of Hib. but in the past few weeks it more seems to be a place to Bash on people and none of the Gms of those guilds stoped there guildies in Flamming others. also a place to get into raids but it seems that if your not apart of a certain guild your not needed.

people being Valgur in /as Chat... and also when requesting to speak english they get Rude and saying it wasnt directed to people that can speak english, and was only Ment for the germans of the /as.

That leaves the people that cant not speak english left out and unwanted. it plan shows how childish he/she is.

MK would rather run Solo then Deal with Rude people and none of the GMs asking them to stop.

I thank a few people that have tryed to show great respect and i hope even after MK leaves that you will still consider me as a friend. This post is only Directed towards the Rude Jerks of this /as. and our reasons of leaveing

and for the uncareing people of this /as CYA

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