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Re: Phase II

Rachel - 16.03.2008, 20:48
Phase II
After meeting, we have developed a three-pronged approach to the next phase of this project. We also divided up some tasks and delegated them. Yay :)

1) Garfield email lists/networking tools

Email out survey to the Garfield notes email list, the PTSA email list and also notify the editors of the Bark so that parents can encourage their kids to fill out a form.

Person-in-charge: Rachel A

2) Buses

Try to get a list of buses, pass out surveys on buses and collect from bus drivers.

Team: Hawa, Skylar, maybe others

3) Infiltrate WMS

Get surveys out to incoming freshmen at WMS. By any means necessary.

Team: Kelley, Rachel Keyser

4) While not technically a prong, Andrew Kennard has been assigned the task of coordinating people to make the carpools once we have surveys in. He will be in charge of seeing which neighborhoods we have interest in, finding people who are familiar with those neighborhoods, having them make carpools and then compiling that and reporting back to Rachel.

If you have more suggestions, post them here. I'll try to post semi-regular updates.

Re: Phase II

Carol - 17.03.2008, 21:26
Great Success
The powerful team of Hawa, Matt and Carol infultrated the Great Dr. Casey's office after harassing TH2 and have succesfully recieved a list of every bus route, and the number of kids assigned to the bus. This list has been given to andrew kennard so that he may begin to break down buses by neighborhood.
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