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Re: News

Fènix - 15.03.2008, 20:25
Australis Airlines To Join FirstSky Alliance

FirstSky Alliance Chief Executive Board approves membership application
Santiago de Chile – March 10th, 2008 –
The Chief Executive Board of FirstSky Alliance, has voted to accept the membership application of Australis Airlines. This now clears the way for Australis Airlines to begin the integration process which will subsequently see the airline become the alliance’s 13th member carrier.
With its fleet of 33 aircraft and network covering destinations in South and
North America, Australis Airlines will allow the FirstSky Alliance network to offer customers more than 613 flights serving 46 airports in the Americas. Australis Airlines’ home base, Santiago, will in future become a FirstSky Alliance’s hub and act as a gateway to various new destinations in Chile and new connections especially to South America.
“With Australis Airlines joining FirstSky Alliance, we can offer our customers a wider choice of flight options while at the same time expanding our network reach to areas previously not served.” said the CEO of Australis Airlines.
For Australis Airlines, FirstSky Alliance membership will allow the carrier to
expand its customer offer in terms of network coverage, frequent flyer benefits, lounges and alliance fare products. At the same time, Australis Airlines will participate in all FirstSky Alliance initiatives aimed at improving customer service, such as collocation at airports, joint lounges, electronic ticketing or joint media purchasing, to name a few.
The Chairman of the Australis Airlines, stated that becoming a FirstSky Alliance member is one of the most important steps in Australis Airlines’ history. He said: “Our goal is to become a global brand in the world aviation sector. We believe that we have an important place in the international competition. We are successfully earning a position to compete with the world’s giants. For this reason, being a member of FirstSky Alliance network is a historical milestone for Australis Airlines. We
will add new aircraft to our current fleet of 33. We will be the most important brand to represent Chile in the world.”
Australis Airlines is currently ranked as the third airline in South America, with the subsidiary Australis Perù ranked as the ninth airline for passengers transported, the combined results will show its third position in terms of passengers and first position in terms of freight transported.
Australis’ shares are present on the ASIX20 Stock Index, with current value stable at 223,20 AS$.

Re: News

Fènix - 15.03.2008, 20:27

Australis Airlines To Lease 5 New A320 Family Aircrafts

Australis Airlines' Board of Directors authorized the acquisition under a leasing contract of three Airbus A319-100 and two Airbus A320-200 aircraft. The new aircraft will operate flights within Latin America, including routes in Argentina, Peru and Chile.
A single A319-100 was ordered on behalf of Australis Perù, and an option on a single A320-200 was signed.
The aircraft will gradually be added to the fleet starting in the second half of april.
Depending on the model, they will seat between 114 and 146 passengers. Australis currently operates 25 Airbus A319s and A320s. The aircrafts will allow the company to open new routes in South America, expanding our current network.
These modern aircraft incorporate the most advanced technology in the airline industry and offer the widest and most comfortable cabins for passengers, as well as a quieter and more pleasant atmosphere. In addition, they are very efficient aircraft and adapt extremely well to the routes operated by the company.
These aircraft are operated by the best airlines in the world and feature the latest generation of technology. Through them, we are able to offer the best travel experience for our passengers.
The Australis Group, formed by Australis Airlines and Australis Perù, offers a united spirit of reliability and charm that provides passengers the highest level of service and safety with the complete travel experience throughout the skies of the Americas.
Australis is a proud member of FirstSky Alliance, formed by some of the best Airlines in the world, whose aim is to deliver the Customer an unmatched level of service at all the stages of the travel, shared Frequent Flyer programs and many other benefits.

Re: News

Fènix - 27.03.2008, 19:07

Australis Airlines creates an all cargo division

Australis Airlines' Board approves the creation of Australis Cargo

Santiago de Chile – Due to the strong growth of the air cargo sector forecasted by the analysts, the Chief Executive Board of Grupo Fénix and Grupo Fénix Perù approved today the creation of an all-cargo division whose aim will be to provide air cargo service troughout South America, Latin America and North America.

Australis Cargo will start operations on March 24th, initially with a single Boeing 767-300ERF which is set to be deployed on the Santiago-Lima and Santiago-Quito routes 4 times a week and the Santiago-Miami route 3 times a week.
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