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    Re: Guild Rankings

    Thirtyseven - 04.03.2006, 15:29

    Guild Rankings
    I set up the ranks for our guild, and I am hoping they will be interesting, and provide a bit of competition between members. Once I list them, I think you'll see how...

    <b>Founder</b> - Motörhead

    <b>Family</b> - Motorhead's alts and mebers of his family.

    <b>Vanguard</b> - Trusted members and close friends.

    <b>Master</b> - A Master is a special rank that needs to be explained in some detail. A Master will be someone who has detailed knowledge of their specialty. They will be asked to take some time each week to use their area of expertise to help fellow members. Basically, there going to be four masters (so far):

    <center><b>Master of Instances - Master of Trade - Master of Help - Master of PVP</b></center><b>Sentinal</b> - Is one of the original members of the guild who has stayed since the beginning.
    ...a member who wishes to become a Master, will need to request this rank and meet the requirements (to be dicided in a later post).

    <b>Soldier</b> - A respected member of the guild. A soldier must make it through the 14 day Trial Member period.

    <b>Trial Member</b> - A Trial Member is a new member who has made it beyond the 3 day Noob status.

    <b>Noob</b> - Self explanitory.

    <b>Time-Out</b> - A member has to go through an awful lot to make it into the 'Time-Out' area. BAsically it is where someone will be put when they need to be silenced, and not allowed to use the guild chat system. A member in time out will remain there until the guild as a group decides if he stays or goes.

    ...this rank system is subject to change, and open to sugestion. but for now I think it is what we shall go with.

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