Parts of P-51D ?

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    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 07.03.2008, 20:18

    Parts of P-51D ?
    Hi all,

    last week we had researched a crashsite of an P-51, possible it is a P-51D.
    The first parts show the following numbers:


    106-14036-5 (not sure of the "106", could be also "105" or "108".

    Maybe someone can help to identify this parts ?
    Photos are just not available...


    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 08.03.2008, 11:12

    Here a photo from part 109-61807-7

    By apiboard

    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 08.03.2008, 22:43

    Here one more number: ??6-14035-13. Possible the first three digits is a 106

    Some stamps was also found:

    „AN12“, „AN“, „DUK“, „ANA D69“, „ANA 82“

    Here is possible that from the stamps "AN" the last letter is not readable.
    The stamp "ANA D69"(round stamp) was used from "North American", here the P-51D !

    Now it is on interest to know what part we had found !


    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    JanZ - 10.03.2008, 20:46

    yes, a P-51D
    Nils, 109-61807-7 by the number this is a part of weapon systems mounted in a wing (61XXX) of a P-51D of series D-5 and later.

    (we have found the same twice on one P-51D crashsite too)

    106-14035-13. :
    106 means - part was used on P-51D (not B or C)
    140XX - means "Wing assembly"
    The most close number I have found is: 14034 = Skin Assy - Wing station 0-75. The number you have found is sure from that area - wing structure between landing gear leg and the fuselage.

    106-14036-5 - should be also close to that section.

    It looks, that all the parts you refer are from the wing.

    Do you know the date of the crash?

    Hope this helps.

    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 10.03.2008, 21:01


    thanks for the info ;)

    The most parts we had find looks as parts from wing, but I was not sure.
    We must wait for some week to recover the other parts out of the ground.

    We think it´s the P-51D of Lt. D.A. MacKenzie , shot down on 07.April 1945


    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Flyingkag - 19.10.2008, 23:04


    I found exactly trhe same parts on a P51 F-6D crash; same serial, same métal, same color.

    Jan identified them as a gun system part, but we don't know more about them. I try to join a picture.


    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 19.10.2008, 23:21

    Thanks for the photo !

    Can you please uload the photo with a smaller resolution ?
    I think it is too large for the server :roll:


    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Anonymous - 19.10.2008, 23:32


    can you please try again to open it? It works without problem when I open it.
    If it doesn't work, I'll reduce it.

    Re: Parts of P-51D ?

    Pathfinder - 19.10.2008, 23:53

    Thanks !

    Now it works.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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