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    Re: My joining application

    Physcho Toad - 31.01.2006, 04:22

    My joining application
    Hello, as you can probably tell from the subject of my thread, and the board I am posting on, I am interested in joining The Tribe.

    I did not find any specifics for an application, so I will just wing it

    My tibian name is Physcho Toad, and I am a lvl 33 paladin.
    I am going to start trying to level at a fast rate though...

    I was recently a member of Ice Wind, but personal events obligated me to leave the guild... I would like to reunite with my freinds under a nice, stable guild...

    Some of my freinds: Haddix, Sir legolas, Bhgat Singh (spelt it wrong I think)
    Lex diamonds, Cowtiper, Timik... and quite alot more but i just mentioned the people who ive talkd to recently...

    Some of my good qualities: Intelligent, organized, likes to solve problems without violence, i have never theifed in my life (ask anyone), I am extremely freindly...

    Some of my bad qualities: I can be negative at times, and am somtimes too nice and charitable... and I can get extremely hot headed every now and then...

    If this is a role playing guild, I do have a story I wrote lying around here somewhere for an added incentive... Ice Winder's will remember this one ;) but if its not needed you can just skip it, but I hope it will be entertaining to some people who havent heard it

    A couple questions: You guys seem to only have this forum... and it lacks a few things like a codex and ect. Do you plan to get thoes up and running?

    Thanks for your time,
    Physcho Toad

    Re: My joining application

    Anonymous - 31.01.2006, 04:25

    My story... not my best work... havent gotten around to writing a better one... but hey
    Adriat was a simple person, living of the land, making money as a wilderness guide. He spent most of his time alone, doing what he did best, thinking. After his dinner, he trotted up a hill to partake in his ritual progression of thought. He crouched down, and let the sounds of nature surround him, eagerly awaiting to hear the chirping of the crickets and birds. Yet, today he heard something different. Or rather, didn’t hear something different. It was an absence of sound, that had the properties of a sound itself. Adriat curiously pondered the lack of sound, and soon became close to pinpointing it. “Hmmm…” He thought, “It sounds like a…”

    Suddenly, a dark figured busted from the trees, hurling itself into Adriat Taken by surprise, he was knocked down from his perch and sent sprawling on the grass below the hill. Still aghast, Adriat barely had enough time to register he was in danger before the figure charged at him again, this time with a small dagger in his arm. Nimble as he was, he was unable to sidestep the attack without taking a slight on his arm, which began to throb painfully. Once again, his attacked advanced again before he could prepare himself. Luckily, he was able to dodge a stab at his gut. This went on for some time, and soon Ariat was fatigued. As he prepared for the next lunge, he noticed that his newfound foe had stopped, and merely stood there. Adriat took that moment to stare into this creatures eyes, which were shrill, probing… Some type of orc, vile creatures who scarcely deserve their race capitalized. Without warning, this… orc… threw his dagger straight at Adriat’s neck, with uncanny accuracy. No one, not even Adriat himself, knew how he managed to not only dodge the blade, but catch it in the process… Perhaps, it was it was the hint of Elf blood he possessed, or, his skills in magic which have not completely shone at the time… Regardless, he had a weapon, and this orc did not. Well, at least it seemed like that, until a broadsword appeared in the orc’s strong, yet disfigured hand.

    With a heart piercing cry which makes most victims faint, the orc charged. Using his miniscule skills in swordplay, Adriat was able to feint the vicious onslaught of blows. After a good 5 minutes of this, however, Adriat’s arm was in agony, with each crushing blow, a seemingly unbearable wave of pain would jolt through his arm, and it did not help that the orc had a broadsword, along with the axe it pulled out a minute ago, and Adriat possessed only a dagger. Then, a loud crack pierced the air, for the orc had broke Adriat’s arm, sending him to the ground. The orc raised its axe above its head, preparing for the final blow. Adriat then lost all hope, bracing himself for the beheading he was about to receive. As the orc enjoyed the moment, slurping up Adriat’s fear like a delicacy, a strange feeling bubbled up inside Adriat himself. It was a warm feeling, tingly, but warm. As it slowly moved through the insides of his body, soothing the pain, Adriat seemed to calm down. As the orc stood there, grinning from ear to ear with its hideous, scarred mouth, secretly hoping that this blow caused the most martyrdom possible, Adriat realized the importance of his life.

    This orc was a scout. And, considering the well-known fact that the larger the orc party was, the more skilled the scout was. Judging by the supreme talent of this scout, Adriat realized that this was an enormous army… He had to survive, for the sake of the great city of Alexandria that was a mere 5 miles away. As much as he wanted to have it all end, to just die, he knew he couldn’t. He let the tingly feeling become stronger, urging it upward… Meanwhile, the orc raised the axe higher, about to let it fall into his prey, full force. As the orc brought his axe down, his expression was interesting. At first, he was over zealous, pleased with the game he had just won. After he noticed Adriat smiling, he became somewhat confused. “Why is this fool so happy?” he thought. Then, as the power Adriat had felt surged through his fingers in ten miniature bolts of concentrated lightning, fear overtook the orc. But the fear was there only for a second, because when the lightning made contact with his skin and cloak, his expression said only one thing… anguish. The lightning pierced his cloak, burnt is skin to sludge, sending thousand of volts through the scouts body. This blow was so magnificent, the orc was catapulted a good 30 yards away, where he smacked into a sturdy oak. There, at that oak, the orc finally did the only thing he had wanted for the past 5 seconds, but in those seconds he wanted that thing more than any other thing he had ever wanted… he died.

    Adriat shaky and weak from what had just happened, hobbled over to the orc. Sure enough, it was dead. Amazed at what he had just done, Ariat savored the moment. Now, it is wrong to think he took joy in what he did, like the orc had, for Ariat was merely happy about the accomplishment of his magic. For, it had been prophesized that a son would be born with great power, that would save the world, which would emerge when needed. “What if…” Adriat pondered this for a minute, before he realized the task before him. He must warn the people of Alexandria, before the orcs could reach it. He grabbed the broadsword on the ground, and began to set off.

    “Aaargh!” Adriat yelped in pain. For an arrow had just lodged itself in his back. And it doesn’t take much guessing to figure out what type of creature had shot it. Just then, Ariat got to do his second favorite thing, run. Oh, he loved to run, to lope, gait, trot, sprint, saunter, just the very motion exhilarated him. Off he sped, running with the wind. But this was different than normal running, this time he had a meaning. Ariat moved with seemingly impossible speed for a human, not once looking back. In his escape, two more arrows had hit, one in his leg, and the other in his shoulder blade. Still he ran on, for he was on a mission.

    Dusk in Alexandria was a beautiful thing, for the sunset over the city was amazing. But this was different. The guard on duty noticed a figure coming toward the gate quickly, but with a slight limp. The guard loaded his crossbow, and waited for this stranger to approach. Once he noticed that the figure was not dangerous, even though he had a broadsword, for he was clearly to hurt to use it. Three arrows were protruding from this boys body, and it was strange how he was able to go on. Once ten yards from the guard, this boy collapsed. He still crawled onward, for he seemed very determined. Eventually, he reached the guards feet. The guard then realized why he hadn’t helped the boy, but he concluded that he had been to horrified. The boy looked up from the guards boots, using most of his remaining strength doing so. He coughed, sputtering blood. Before he fainted, however, he managed to say a string of three words between his harsh, ragged breaths.
    Orcs…coming…(more sputtering) soon. With that, this strange boy lost consciousness. The guard scarcely believed the boys words, for orcs would never dare think of attacking the city. But then he saw the arrows. They were of Orc fashion, and had been soaked in rock salt, causing much more pain. The guard then ran to get help, for he could not carry the boy far enough safely alone. But in doing so, he left the boy to suffer in what, to the boy, felt like his death.

    It was a dark night, as most nights without a moon are, and the council chamber was filled with controversy. “How dare those vile creatures do this!” Karnak yelled, banging his fist on the table with extreme force that made the goblets rattle. “We never bothered anyone, and they think they have the right to take our land!” He continued using his forceful voice which had helped him advance to chieftain, though his raw force and skill in battle helped also. “We fight for our land, and they kill our leader and savior! This is not acceptable!”
    The other members of the council watched silently, not daring to interrupt their new leader. “But, I have a plan,” he continued, flashing his Cheshire-cat grin, “we orcs shall triumph!”

    As the day dawned in Alexandria, Adriat sat in his temporary home, redressing his wounds. As he did so, he recalled the events of the last week. Once he regained consciousness from his little adventure involving the scout, he immediately demanded to be informed whether or not his message had been delivered. After being calmed down, he eagerly tucked into his meal that had been placed in front of him. Even Adriat himself was amazed at his own ravenous hunger. Three more platters and a bottle of grog later, Adriat began to tell his host about his near death experience in detail. Feeling it would be best, he left out the part about the lightning and such. All the same, the man he relayed the story to was amazed Adriat was alive.

    Soon a council of generals and such had assembled to further question Adriat. It seemed as if they enjoyed endlessly battering him with questions about the questions he had about the questions he was being questioned with… After what seemed like hours later, and, in fact, it was hours later, the council seemed convinced that Adriat was telling the truth, even if he was imagining it. “Thank you for your information.” One had said. “We will be ready to defend the attack and you are free to go.” He continued. “Well,” Adriat responded in a mocking tone, “was I ever not free to go?” Mind you, Adriat normally doesn’t enjoy being rude like that, but after the hours of being question in a tone that one would use to talk to a four-year-old, he was reasonably steamed. “Watch your language!” Another general had responded. Adriat then stood up and made his way from the door, but this rogue general blocked his way. Usually Adriat is not intimidated by size, but… This man was enormous! He seemed to be carrying every weapon imaginable on his back or belt. His size and his raw brutality had earned him his rank of general. “Did you hear me!” The monstrous brute said, slightly louder, and with an edge of threat to it. “Yeah, I hear you.” Adriat said. “But I need to go have a look around, and leastways, I haven’t said any language worth watching, but if you continue to block my way, I’m going to say some things that will be definitely deserving a watch.” The general was shocked and appalled by such a display of defiance and self confidence. He was used to saying whatever he wanted with no regards to others and no resistance… But this boy was different. As they stood staring at each other, the general’s threatening leer, and Adriat’s confident, taunting, and amused look. Well this may not seem very scary or action-packed, but a good stare can say what words can’t, especially words that I can not describe in this PG narrative story… As this battle of looking into each other’s eyes continued, the room was engulfed in deep silence. Now, this isn’t the usual silence you get, such as the awkward silence, where you just expect to hear crickets chirping or someone coughing, or even the eerie silence which sends icy shivers down your spine. This silence was the silence of suspense, the silence in which the air is heavy, as if filled with gasoline, and a spark could fly any second, surrounding the room in flames of hatred. Now I’m sure you are suspecting I climatic battle at this point… But contrary to what you might expect, Adriat simply decided to walk out of the room, promptly. The reason he did this is also not what you might expect… The reason that you might not expect is a respectable reason nonetheless. He had heard a scream. A piercing, but distant, scream. Years of listening in the woods had given him hearing far above par. He had picked it up, and no one else had. Though it didn’t matter, Adriat had to go help.

    He jogged across the street, and to the ladder leading up to the city wall. He through his now trusty bow over his back and began to climb. Once at the top he heard the scream again. Adriat sprinted off towards the sound. Eventually he came within sight of an alley. Now an alley can mean a lot of things in a story. It might mean a cat that plays by its own rules. It could be a dark and dank place where an innocent young woman is being mugged by 5 outlaws. Well this is not a story… Or maybe it is… Either way… It is a realistic story… So realistic even that one might think it is real… And it is… Or… Well… Anyway. This isn’t a fairy tale… Yeah… Lets go with that. In truth, this was a dark and dank alley, as you have most likely already thought. But no, an innocent young lady is not being mugged by 5 outlaws. What actually happened is as follows.

    Adriat looked into the alley and saw what appeared to be an innocent young lady being mugged by 5 and a half outlawsoutlaws. He then looked again, and noticed the apparently innocent young lady happened to be almost winning… If the outlaws had not outnumbered her by 5 and a half to one… She would of already emerged victorious… Either way that is no longer the case… Adriat took out his bow and shot down half a outlaw. But as he notched another arrow, the now 5 outlaws had tied up the young lady and proceeded to throw her onto a horse, none to gently. Another arrow with great precision took out another outlaw. So the odds have changed from 5 and a half on one, to the new odds of 4 to 2. Now if there is still some confusion about the half a outlaw… No, there was not just a lower torso of a outlaw fighting, neither was there just an upper torso of a guard fighting. The outlaw in question had been having a bad day… Because an entirely different outlaw had forgotten to complement the outlaw in question on his new shoes. So the guard in question had decided to half-heartedly fight, making him the equivalent of half an outlaw.

    Adriat ran down the wall, notching another arrow as he went… He could of easily killed the horse, but he did not have the heart… Eventually he started to run out of wall, and knew what he had to do… He had to use his… magic…

    I believe it is necessary to analyze this “magic” And what Adriat thought of it. There had been many theories on “magic” in the last couple years, so I shall highlight a few of them… The most popular theory is that “magic” is the harnessed spirit of every living thing around you, concentrated and manipulating to do your bidding. So in this case manipulating is a positive thing. The lawyers are known as some of the greatest magicians of all time. Another theory is that magic is just magic. (Not a real theory, but I said I would say a few of them, and two theories is not a few.) The final theory has been thought up by the “magician” Cranbar the great. His theory was that magic did not exist at all, and it is all just a psychological sham of subconscious and conscious images. If correct, anyone can wield magic, and if your mind is in the right place, you can stop magic all together. Strangly enough Cranbar and his work on his theory disappeared, shortly after his favorite pub was closed.

    Anyway, Adriat was afraid of magic, because he had seen its destructive force when dealing with an orc. But, he knew he had to do it, to save this innocent young woman. He concentrated and soon felt power bubbling up inside of him, though he tried something new and detoured the power into his notched arrow. He then drew back and released. His arrow flew a surprising distance, towards the escaping horse. None of the remaining outlaws looked back, something they all regretted. The arrow charged into an outlaw’s back, the same one who failed to complement the now dead outlaw on his shoes. An electric shock coursed through the outlaws body, and the others looked back. The outlaw was convulsing, mouth foaming, body shuddering. His eyes then rolled in the back of his head and he was dead. The remaining outlaws wondered how this happened, but felt it would be overall better if they continued to make haste. Before that, however, the charge jumped from the dead outlaw into the next, dong the same thing… the third one got off the horse and ran away, but he fell victim to this charge also. Adriat then walked the 2 miles to the innocent young lady… Whistling as he went. Eventually he reached her by nightfall. After untying her he held out his hand. “Hello there, innocent young lady, I am Adriat” He said. The innocent young lady looked up and responded with a smile…”Hello Adriat…” And bared her teeth, which one might say, contained what could be mistaken, or taken, for fangs.

    Too be continued?

    Re: My joining application

    Hugh Black - 31.01.2006, 09:41

    Greetings Physcho Toad, and thank you for your application.

    . We will take your application in discussion and you will hear from us shortly..

    "A couple questions: You guys seem to only have this forum... and it lacks a few things like a codex and ect. Do you plan to get thoes up and running? "

    What exactly do you mean with that? I am new at administrating a forum, so please enlighten me with more details in a PM.


    Hugh Black

    Re: My joining application

    Physcho Toad - 01.02.2006, 23:35

    Since I noticed the recently added sticky for joining... I figured I should copy all the questions and answer them for you guys...
    (Please Omit all redundancy)
    About Tibia:
    1) Who are you? Physcho Toad

    2) How and what have you heard of the Tribe? I previously was in Ice Wind, and when I went to try to rejoin them, I found they had merged with the Tribe

    3) Why do you want to join the Tribe and not some other guild? This guild seems stable, and also a little personal... I would rather be in a small sturdy guild then an impossibly large generic guild where noone cares about you at all

    4) Why should we recruit you, what can we expect from you? I am I good person, and though I am not a high level, I am highly resourceful and im sure I could help in any conflict whatsoever, verbal or physical

    5) What do you expect from us? I cant give any specifics, I would just like to expect this to be an excellent guild that is stable, honest, and that helps others in need.

    About your reallife:
    1) How old are you? 14
    2) Where are you from? Texas (I AM NOT A HICK) lol
    3) Who are you? My first name is Dylan

    thank you

    Re: My joining application

    Hugh Black - 01.02.2006, 23:43

    I heard something about you being inactive sometimes...

    We only recruit active and dedicated members now because we are a bit tired of the inactivity in our rows..

    Can you explain to me how active you will be usually?

    Thank you,

    Re: My joining application

    Physcho Toad - 01.02.2006, 23:55

    I can only imagine who you heard that from >.>

    Yes, i used to be inactive a bit... but the majority of that is when i lost my interent for a month or two

    Recently, I get on more than once a day... my internet is much more reliable now, but mabye 1 day a week I have other things to do and am unable to play

    Also, another spout I had of inactivity about 6 months ago, i went on a trip to europe, so that is why I was not on, and I did inform everyone in Ice Wind about it I could using the forum

    Also, sometimes I will not get on on the weekends, but thats about 1-2 weeks a month, mabye...

    And even if i dont get on tibia every day, i have always been active in the forums, and if I am going on a trip or somthing then I usually notify everyone before hand

    Re: My joining application

    Asmodeus - 02.02.2006, 01:53

    We don't demand total activity from our members. (thank goodness) Many of us have jobs to do and children to take care of. We're just making sure we're not recruiting dead weight.

    Thanks for answering. I hope to speak with you soon in game.

    Re: My joining application

    Hugh Black - 07.02.2006, 00:04

    Hello Toad,

    You passed our selection, welcome to the Tribe. :)

    You will start as a trial member and will be watched closely on your progress, dedication and behaviour in the guild. Mennorin will invite you to our guild soon, but you can already begin with posting on our internal boards now ;)


    Re: My joining application

    Physcho Toad - 08.02.2006, 02:55

    much appreciated :)

    Re: My joining application

    Haltan - 08.02.2006, 03:28

    Welcome and Congratulations. Topic closed.


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