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Re: Jumpstyle

CaptainC™ - 11.12.2007, 01:12
just downloaded Scooter - Jumping all over the world

Every got damn track i ripped or coverd or sampel from other artist, and whats up whit this jumpstyle? whit that bassline and happy clap every track sounds nerly the same.

still i love the track Enola Gay.

The dance lokks funny i must lern thet one, i will become King of dancefloor in sweden ^^

Re: Jumpstyle

Anonymous - 11.12.2007, 08:55

Hey man, a long time ago scooter was my second favourite project but now it`s nothing more than business. not only the new album consist of remakes and well-known samples, i think it begann quite for a long time for scooter. for me the second chapter was the greatest with axel coon, who is the best third member of scooter for me, but the first chapter was also great, and since jay frog and especially michael simon came to group the band begann only to cover the others and nothing more. but they still make it qualitativ as opposed to some artists :evil: (u know what i mean).
jumpstyle for me is nothing than stupid (sorry jumpstyle fans :D )

Re: Jumpstyle

CaptainC™ - 12.12.2007, 01:04

I love Axel´s sound

have a look @ the new traxx @ his myspace


it would be a dream come true if he reunites whit scooter all albums in the second chapter was awsome!!!

BTW: what has happen to the voice of HP? they always has this heli effekt on it, his normal voice is more powerful i think.

Re: Jumpstyle

Anonymous - 13.12.2007, 21:40

just downloaded the whole second and third chapter of scooter to feel nostalgic for good old times for a while :cry: track nessaja i like very much despite the fact it`s cover and i hate covers. but does anybody know what this title means "nessaja"? i suppose it`s connected with that animal in video, which looks like kangaroo :?:

Re: Jumpstyle

CaptainC™ - 14.12.2007, 01:01

From what song is it covred? or is it parts from many traxx? i read somewere that this track they began to work whit in the first chapter then axel came along to do more work on it and finally Jay did the bassline. but that was never mentiond in the boklet and bothe axel and ferris is mad about it.

i´m listening to back 2 the haviwheigt jam right now, this album is a master peace, i´m dl we bring the noice at the moment, remember Trancendental 2 be really good.

Re: Jumpstyle

Anonymous - 14.12.2007, 11:50

ok, again on discogs i found following - nessaja is the cover of peter maffay`s single nessaja/tabaluga from the 1983 and nessaja if google is not mistaken is a character from some cartoon or something like this. but regarding samples which scooter use, here are the most favourite the samples of a great band KLF especially from the track last train to trancecentral,which is the HP`s most loved song (samples like "take me, aha aha - also in nessaja they use sample from this track and in many other tracks for example behind the cow).
the story with nessaja is quite strange indeed, some say it was written with ferris, other say - with axel. nevertheless for me it` s the 3. chapter, cause video was already with jay and single was released after the best of 2. chapter - push the beat for this jam.
i feel sorry - scooter were great band until i think mind the gap (cause i still love stadium techno experience despite a lot of covers and well-known samples). but now they release only the crap and no own material at all - only covers of old melodies (in last album even neverending story of doldinger). in 5 years or earlier the will cover a night to remember :lol:

Re: Jumpstyle

The Chaser - 29.12.2007, 15:05

I am a big scooter fan, and my favoritue chapters are 1st and the 2nd.
But i love the 3rd and 4th chapter all.
Scooter makes covers from 1996, started with Rebel Yell, but scooter makes better than the original one.
But from 2005 he makes a lot of covers and this is not so good.
I don't like HPV/Jumpstyle, this album was good, but please no more jumpstyle :lol:

Re: Jumpstyle

CaptainC™ - 29.12.2007, 19:06

Hey man i know u from the scooter forum, u gave all traxx 10/10 exept lonely 11/10 :lol:

U have this big picture of tacos and other nice stuff i whould like to put in my mouth right now ^^ (got a brooken jaw) must eat soupe other liquids fore a month :(

Re: Jumpstyle

The Chaser - 29.12.2007, 19:12

CaptainC™ wrote: Hey man i know u from the scooter forum, u gave all traxx 10/10 exept lonely 11/10 :lol:

U have this big picture of tacos and other nice stuff i whould like to put in my mouth right now ^^ (got a brooken jaw) must eat soupe other liquids fore a month :(

Im just on the Hungarian Scooter Forum. The Chaser from ST.com is is from Croatia and i am from Romania :wink:

Re: Jumpstyle

CaptainC™ - 29.12.2007, 19:20

aha ok, that picture still suxxxxx big time right now :lol:
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