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    Re: Cammy and the Junkyard Kids

    Katjaaa - 18.02.2006, 22:07

    Cammy and the Junkyard Kids
    FOSTER - Sara check
    Cammy - Sara Hill
    Peace - Willow
    und der manager ist sara hills vater haha

    wenn ihr euch die zeit nehmt und das durchlest, das ist echt super geschrieben! sara check ist wahninnig talentier das ist so lustig!


    Narrator- the spice girls may have been the undisputed pop queens of the late '90s, but CAMMY AND THE JUNKYARD KIDS undoubtly take the torch for the beginning of the millenium.

    Cammy- we were the next big thing since Britney spears, THEEEE Britney spears, we had egos the size of an malnourished third world country, so I guess you can’t say we were always level headed.

    Foster- we were young enough to be considered naïve, so we used that as an excuse when ever we could, and it usually worked. I mean we drove on the wrong side of the road while we were in Britain, but when we were pulled over, we just said, how naïve, I guess officer its obvious, I am an American and I am a pop star, aka, darn naïve, ok. And it would work, more then once with the same officer.

    Narrator- this girl group led by bandleader Cammy and her fellow rockers Ingrid, peace, and foster racked up some of the era's biggest bubblegum pop hits & instantly recognizable dance hits of there time. But every huge high would only be followed by a low low. One was forced to quit the band, one member was checked in anger rehab, and The arguing almost lead to the end of the junkyard kids. With there success and misfortune, Cammy and the junkyard kids may be one of the most successful and cursed pop groups of the early millennium. Tonight the tragedy and triumph of Cammy and the junkyard kids. Behind the music.

    narrator- Cammy and Ingrid, peace, and foster all first met at a small general store that just happened to be owned by a rich and powerful ex-rocker Frank Hiltor. While stocking the shelves he heard them singing a little ditty called, “boogie roughly” and he knew he had found the next big thing.

    Frank- well after I heard them singing that little ditty while stocking shelves I knew that I had found the next big thing. I don’t know I got a talent for spotting talent, maybe its because I was pretty hot back in my time.

    Cammy- frank gave us a 5 year contract. At first I was a little uncertain, i mean, if, oh I mean when, we made it people would have fan clubs and dress and cut there hair like mine, id have to dodge the occasional bullet from a crazed fan and possibly die for the music, and when it comes down to it, I knew I would do anything to let the music live on. so I signed that contract. Yes I did.

    They signed a recorded deal with Frank and They officially formed a band in 2006.

    Peace- we practiced hard, man, I don’t know how to tell you how hard we practiced. There would be nights were I just couldn’t fall asleep because I had one of our songs stuck in my head. And I would be lying there and all I could hear is (hums something)playing over and over like somebody put a little tape player in my head. It was quiet scary really.

    Ingrid- It was hard at first, I wasn’t use to the style of music, Im much more of a grunge metal fan, but for some reason I knew that this is were I belong, I am a junkyard kid, this is my place.

    Narrator- There debut single, "boogie roughly" sunk from sight upon release.

    Foster- I think this broke cammys heart, she wrote this at a very trying time in her life, right after her cat ate her bird. I think when our first song bombed a little bit of her went down the old crapper with it.

    Peace-She just wasn’t as boucy as before, but she bounced back, oh did she bounce back.

    Narrator- shortly after boogie roughly bombed, they made the top of the charts with a song called "sugarless gum and hot airballoons," this lead to them being a popular face for sugarless gum, they were the spokes people for a few of the leading brands for many years, and just like gum, they didn’t promote rotting your teeth.

    (sugarless gum commercial)

    Narrator- But it wasn’t about the gum, it all came back to the music, the love for the music.

    cammy- sugarless gum and hot air balloons wasn’t just a song about gum. It wasn’t just an ordinary pop song about heartthrobs and hot air balloons, it was my life story. This helped me see life threw different eyes, it help me live again.

    Ingrid- you could really see the change, I mean the old cammy was still not here but, there was a bounce in her step, a chew in her gum, and a new found smile on her face.

    Peace- she was happy again, and you cant believe how happy that made us.

    Narrator- The group then began an impressive run of ultra pop hits one being " hop in the order of opportunity," and another " by no means give up hope the sun will still shine tomorrow,"

    Foster- I dabble a tid bit in the arts of song writing myself and some how “hop in the order of opportunity” was apparently what we needed for a new sound. I mean, we were pop before, but we had metamorphosised into ultra pop, not many bands can say they have accomplished this. I got to say I am very proud of us.

    (a clip of a music video)

    Narrator- But it wasn’t always a walk in the park for the band. after there first year of fame and success, they ran into an enormous problem.

    Frank- Cammy just couldn’t find a sound that would satisfy her, I mean, this was a major McJagger point in time in her career as a lead singer, she just couldn’t get any satisfaction.

    Cammy- I had a problem with finding a sound that I liked. I mean, rock pop, punk pop, grunge pop, ultra pop, bubblegum pop, I couldn’t find the right pop for the junkyard kids, I just couldn’t find it!

    Peace- cammy would write a really great song, but when we wouldn’t play it just right she would throw these huge temper tantrums and throw things, she really had a problem. We could all see it but she just wouldn’t admit that she needed help.

    ingrid- I kept telling her, ‘cammy, you really need help, you really do.’ and she would say ‘no, Im fine I don’t have a problem, I have everything under control’ but she didn’t and it was apparent.

    foster- she had a melt down, a completely melt down.

    frank- I final told her, I said, cammy, you have a problem. You either get help or I will find a new lead singer for the band. and I was serious, but she just didn’t think she had a problem, she was in denial.

    Narrator- During there Ultra grunge rock punk pop tour it became clearly apparent how bad she really had gotten. Cammy was admitted to an Anger management group in southern California. she fought for her life. And she fought hard.

    peace- She fought her anger like a real soldier, we all just hoped that she would be strong, because with out cammy, how could we be ‘cammy and the junkyard kids’ it just wasn’t possible with out cammy. Its like when your making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and you realize, by golly, there is no jelly, with out cammy there was no jelly…we wanted our jelly back, um, cammy back.

    Foster- I remember one night she called me up on the phone and was crying, and im not saying a tear or two, this was the real thing, she just keep saying between sobs, ‘I don’t think I can do it Foster, I just don’t think I can kick it’ and it saddened me to see our strongest member falling subject to such a vital contagion as anger is. But I assured her, that she would survive, as long as she knew how to love I knew she would stay alive …

    ingrid- because she had all that love to give, and she would survive, yes, she would survive.

    Narrator- cammy pulled thru after 6 months of long and hard sessions of anger management, cammy and the junkyard kids took the stage once more, and they once again sky rocketed to the top of the charts.

    Cammy- when I was in treatment fighting my illness, It took all the strength I had not to fall apart, so I wrote songs, kept trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart, a lot of my songs were angry chick screaming songs, really angry, I was just such an angry person, and I spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for myself, I used to cry, but once I got that out of my system, the music it started to flow out of my pencil like the great Mississippi, and that’s when I wrote “The girl with an anger problem” a song about a girl who was angry and denied it, but after it almost killed her she was admitted to a anger management class where she learned how to be herself again. Obviously I didn’t write this about me, but it was a great story that I felt I needed to tell it. Its like a parable, per se, a parable that shows some close resemblances to my very own problem, but I guess the similarities are a tad bit feeble.

    Narrator- This song was number one for 4 weeks straight, followed by two other cammy and the junkyard kids singles, “dance omit” and “would you give your left arm for my love”

    Ingrid- we were even more popular then before, you know, people love to embrace troubled bands, especially if they are hot. Really hot. And we were, we were hot and we were troubled, and we had found our sound, we had finally found the sound cammy had been looking for.

    Narrator- Cammy and the junkyard kids appeared on the cover of cosmopolitan there first month back, glamour the second month, and by month three of there return to the stage, they appeared on the cover of rolling stones.

    Cammy- It was like ‘yay! ‘ ya know, I mean this was rolling stone magazine, THE rolling stone magazine, THE ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE!!! It made me feel like I was a real pop star finally, and this felt good, it was a reward for all our hard work.

    Narrator- Cammy and the junk yard kids went to the 2008 grammys, not knowing they would leave with 2 awards, best pop girl band award, and best all over sound track award.

    Cammy- we were so amazed.

    Foster- I cant even believe we were Grammy worthy. I mean, we are Grammy worthy, that’s right, Grammy worthy yea-ah!!!

    Narrator- They made album after album, and just kept getting good results, everybody loved them, they were gods to all teenage girls, and considered the hottest band of 2009.

    Peace- We really were hot. Really hot. We were soooo hot, you could have cracked an egg on me and it would fry sunside up, and if you didn’t take it off with in seconds it would burn, because we really were sizzling.

    Ingrid- I never thought we would be this popular, I would have never dreamed of it, I mean, we are the Madonna of the new millennium, except that there are 4 of us, and we don’t were cones and have a mole, I don’t think we do at least.

    Foster- I don’t have a mole!! Ok. No mole. Got it. Are we finished yet.

    Narrator- But as the 2010 year came rolling along, sound changed, people started to listen more to the genre of rap and punk grunge. Foster met some strange guy while waiting in line for a phone booth and she fell inlove and ran away, later she called frank saying, that for some strange reason she wished not to reveal she had quit the band, and after that point no one ever saw or heard from her again.

    Cammy- we all knew foster wanted to be wedded by the fake elvis, or the Charlie chaplin look alike, so we think perhaps her and that strange guy probably got wed on the Vegas strip, its either that or she ended up becoming a bum on sunset blvd. she would have liked that.

    Narrator- so Cammy and the Junkyard kids were susceptible to the backlash that pop bands all felt at this time. This eventually leading to dwindling sales and the group's split by the early '2010s. they all started to do there own things.
    Cammy went solo for a while, she tried different genres of music, out of the pop genre, she even put out a rap album, but she realized after that album was put out that she really missed working at the store, she was really good at operating the register, so she decided it was time to go home.

    Narrator- Peace started an organization for the trees called, lets burn rocks instead, this organization was shortly lived because rocks take a lot more heat to burn and they don’t do much good when they do. But she still hands out the flyers.

    Narrator- Ingrid got sick of American politics and went back to her homeland, were she makes 4 euros an hour and now flipping burgers at Hans’s weinersnitchel pub.

    Narrator- Cammy and the junkyard kids may have split up, but are still the idols and gods of many, the golden image of a ultra pop band, and they really changed the music scene. They live on in the hearts of all who listened, and will continue to live on in the generations to follow.

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