Mosquito Splatter on isipriv server 21th october

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    Re: Mosquito Splatter on isipriv server 21th october

    Anonymous - 21.10.2007, 10:57

    Mosquito Splatter on isipriv server 21th october;action=display;threadid=7150;start=0#lastPost


    Sorry for my english...

    Today an event "MOSQUITO SPLATTER" we will play.
    You are invited!!!

    This is a 4fun panzer challenge, a 6 maps deathmatch. Frag how much is possible!!!

    You must wait the mosquito (the players in this instance) is lay down on the ground ready to fly already away... and BOOM fire your panzer bullet!
    This is an ordinary story... the fight vs the mosqitos...

    THE CONFIG: 4° soldier level since the 1° map, low gravity to emulate the mosquito fly, fast players movements, spawn time reduced.

    The Rules:
    - only panzer or granades.. no smg or pistols, mg, flamer (kick for the lamer)
    - no infight selfkill
    - selfkill is allowed only for no panzer ammo

    2 Medals for 2 winners:
    * Fragger Man ---> most kills
    * Monster Shoot ---> best shot for more players kills in once

    You are invited on Dragon private server: pw:stateci from 14:00 (sunday the 21th october)

    do cl_allowdownload 1 to download sounds maps & co.
    Watch us on ISItv#1:

    Re: Mosquito Splatter on isipriv server 21th october

    RaBBitRApER - 22.10.2007, 15:27

    tja... better to post it some days before next time.. i red it today :(
    but thx for invitation Dark Angel :wink:

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