My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"
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    Re: My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"

    atlantis - 24.12.2005, 20:37

    My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"
    Hey all! :D

    Here's a holiday song to keep the spirits up! It's experimental (not what you normally expect from me, lol) and I think it's fun :D

    You can stream/download and read the lyrics in my iCompositions page:

    See if you like "This Christmas Yourself" ;)

    Re: My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"

    metalamazon - 25.12.2005, 12:17

    If I "be myself" I always get into trouble! :roll:

    I don´t like the drums sound, sorry, but the lyrics are cool. I´ve been trying out different drums on the comp, and I haven´t found anything that I really like, either. Maybe there is somebody here who can give us a tip? :roll:

    Re: My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"

    atlantis - 25.12.2005, 19:49

    Yep, I used Funk drums (loops, didn't play them) - so everyone can enjoy. Not a fan of them sounds myself, but it works ;)

    Thanks for listening!

    For good drum sounds, I guess if you use something like FL Studio on a PC, with real drum samples - should be good.

    No FL Studio for my Mac though. Not like I'll be able to afford it either, though ;) (There's iDrum too... out of my reach lol)

    Re: My holiday song, "This Christmas Yourself"

    metalamazon - 25.12.2005, 20:21

    Hm, I´ve got a very old (legal, not cracked) version of Cubase Score, and one very old (also legal, lol I used to invest some money in software) of Magix Music Maker with a heap of samples, but somehow I´m either too dumb or the stuff is too old or I´m too lazy, I never seem to get that right...I always get strange breaks and its not rythmical or so. Then I have a Yamaha Big Jam drum computer, which has some really strange bass on it and I don´t know how to switch that off. The drum sounds themselves are cool, but I hate the bass. And then I have a very very old Korg Padora 2, which I use as a metronom, more or less...that is the only gimmick that is working properly.

    I think I may be too old to learn new tricks, anyway. :(

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