Two Great Poe Books Newly Published!!

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    Re: Two Great Poe Books Newly Published!!

    legrand - 03.10.2007, 16:05

    Two Great Poe Books Newly Published!!
    Edgar Allan Poe wrote in secret writing. He hid a missive in his tale "The Gold Bug". My first book tells of this discovery and is titled: "Leaves of Lavendered Lily". The book can be ordered in the USA at and the author is Kenneth A. Bauman. Ordering can be accomplished at 1-800-834-1803 too.

    My second book: "National (Beale) Treasure....At Red Knee" is also about Poe and how Poe created the Beale Papers mystery. I have decoded the B1 cryptogram in the Beale Papers and feel I've located the location of an American National Treasure. Poe's murder may also be solved. Order this book in the same manner as above in late October or early November of 2007.

    Please help a new author and promote these books. Thank-you.


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