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Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 20.11.2007, 14:20
Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D
Hey sweeties! How have things been here on the board since I have been gone? :D

Many hugs and kisses to you :love7:

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 23.11.2007, 11:14

Everything was fine, but nobody really posted anything....

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 23.11.2007, 11:48

ok :?

that´s not fun xD

But I am back to stay, I wont leave you again *hugs*

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 24.11.2007, 15:05

That's great! Why did you leave???

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 25.11.2007, 13:42

Well I just got busy with end of school and graduation in may, then in start of june I went to sweden and was NEVER on computer then :P , I didn´t have a computer in the place I rented, but very rarely I went down to a internetcafé to check mails and so :) , and then end of august I came back, then there wasschool again :? , but then I realized how much I missed you all and decided to look in :D

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 26.11.2007, 20:22

Oh, that's so great! We all missed u too!

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 26.11.2007, 21:31

naaw I blush :oops:


Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 27.11.2007, 19:20

aaaaw, don't do that! x)

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 29.11.2007, 14:26

okay :D

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 29.11.2007, 16:05

Great! ♥

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 08.12.2007, 21:35

what did you do this week :D

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 10.12.2007, 22:13

I simply learned for school. What about you?

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

Icey - 18.12.2007, 10:21

me too^^

Not very fun :P

Re: Icey is back!!!!!!!! :D

[Ela.Electronic]™ - 18.12.2007, 18:57

That's true.
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