A tribe? A Family.

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    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Anonymous - 21.04.2008, 23:46

    A tribe? A Family.
    Dearest Reader;
    Greetings! So It's come to my attention that I should probably start this letter with some basic information about myself.
    I have tried different approaches before, but alas, the above seems to be the way to hit home.
    Without further adieu; Ha.il! I am Gwyndolin. I have been exploring and mapping the lands of tibia since early '03,
    and have currently, and most recently established my home in Venore.
    I make my friends among trusted people like Davy,
    Strider Of the Wind, Lord Potatis Skalare, Linkette, Goddess of the Broken, Liptorian, Koga, Angster, and many more
    (mind you those friends are in no particular order).
    Recently, while speaking with Davy, I have learned of your guild. I am under the impression that the people who inhabit this
    guild are held in high esteem, and are respectable tibians, Not to mention Friendly- Polite and (a personal peeve), grammatically & punctually correct.
    As a fellow tibian, and possessor of many of those above mentioned traits I feel that I could be a useful addition in this Guild.
    My reasons for this letter addressed to you, The Tribe, instead of some other guild are many; among those is my Desire to be part of a
    Family-like guild, and my passion and interest in being part of a tribe. I have searched for an Amazon guild, as I would much like to be
    part of a Female society, but alas, I can put aside my Feministic
    tendencies to be apart of something , thoughtfully, greater. I am also drawn to your requirements, You seem to look at the core of the
    people in your tribe instead of simply, their level of achievement.
    I do not have much to say as to why I think I should be recruited besides the fact that I do see myself as an asset to your tribe, with my
    friendly nature and willingness to help others in need. You can be sure to expect a helping hand whenever you need it, and undoubtedly some laughs along the way. The only thing that I expect from you, as <i>my</i> tribe would be a friendship to last me.
    I need a family type guild. People I can turn to for help- for guidance. Perhaps some laughs aswell. This is all I ask.
    Thank you for your time, reader.

    New Zealand.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Milla Arken - 22.04.2008, 01:28

    Amazing application, my dear.
    We´ll be looking into it.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Anonymous - 22.04.2008, 03:02

    Thank you for your time, Milla Arken.
    I appreciate it, greatly.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Hugh Black - 22.04.2008, 05:13

    Finally a proper application, well done, we'll look into it :)


    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Anonymous - 22.04.2008, 05:46

    Again, great thanks to you, Hugh Black.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    argus kalir - 22.04.2008, 06:47

    As said above your application is very well writen.
    Me being a writer of tales myself must say its an ispiring text, i cannot say for all the Tribes but im surely touched by your kindfull words.
    I can only wish your best luck in the joining process, and if it comes that you do not join us i really trow to you the best wishes on tibian and RL life.


    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Anonymous - 22.04.2008, 07:18

    Well, Argus Kalir , I can only wish you the very same! Thank you for your
    kind words, and Interest In my letter.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Rincewind of Ankh - 22.04.2008, 11:47

    Re: A tribe? A Family.
    Gwyndolin. wrote:
    I need a family type guild. People I can turn to for help- for guidance. Perhaps some laughs aswell.

    As far as I could see it is 99% of laughter, and the rest is for beeing family type and stuff :)
    Jk of course, I have enjoyed your application, good luck :happy3:

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Davy - 22.04.2008, 12:24

    I knew you'd do well 8)

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Asmodeus - 22.04.2008, 18:30

    I like your application but,

    A bigger font wouldn't hurt


    Hope to talk with you soon.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Anonymous - 22.04.2008, 19:55

    Well than, In that case, I quite look forward to joining your tribe, Rincewind of Ankh! As for you, Davy, ha- you think you know. & last but most Certainly not least, Asmodeus; perhaps I shall work on writing a smidge larger than? haa.
    But as for you all, indeed, I look forward to making contact soon.

    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Asmodeus - 23.04.2008, 10:56

    As you already know: You've been accepted.

    Welcome to our Tribe Gwyndolin!


    Re: A tribe? A Family.

    Mennorin - 24.04.2008, 21:08

    Welcome to the guild

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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