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    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Corle - 22.01.2008, 22:42

    Corle's Appliction
    About Tibia:
    1) Who are you? - Corleone Enforcerz
    2) How and what have you heard of the Tribe? - My freind is a new comer of the Guild, I've been looking for a Guild for a while, I've been told you are a very nice punch of people, who are kind and helpfull.
    3) Why do you want to join the Tribe and not some other guild? - I'd like to join Tribe because I've been in a few Guilds but Ive never really thought that the people in it were that nice, I've talked with a few of your members and you all seem nice to me.
    4) Why should we recruit you, what can we expect from you? - Well I'm skilling to 80/80 at the moment, so I can block for anyone who needs it, I'll be loyal to the Guild, and fight to death if I have to..
    5) What do you expect from us? - All I expect is the respect that I give to you.

    About your reallife:
    1) How old are you? - 14
    2) Where are you from? - England
    3) Who are you? - Josh

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    balzoin - 23.01.2008, 00:39

    Thanks for the application, but I must say it was pretty poor. If you didn't read Asmodeus' thread about how to apply, please do so.

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Mavur - 23.01.2008, 04:37

    Indeed, please polish up your application. Two line answers don't really tell us much about you. A nice RP story is also preferable. Best of luck on your next attempt. :)


    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Milla Arken - 23.01.2008, 18:25

    Asmodeus wrote:
    Do not answer these questions like you would answer a math exam.
    We want you to write a story where you incooperate these questions.
    Elaborate and expand on these questions. Make it entertaining for us to read. We can all answer these questions with one single line, but can you answer them with a story?
    If so, this Guild might be the place for you, if not, don't even try.

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Milla Arken - 12.02.2008, 19:53

    Denied and closed ~

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Asmodeus - 14.02.2008, 18:09

    Milla is ruthless!

    (That way I don't have to) :wink:

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Mennorin - 14.02.2008, 19:07

    Well, perhaps he can just try again?

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    balzoin - 15.02.2008, 17:25

    Of course! If he wants to.

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Milla Arken - 15.02.2008, 19:08

    1 month passed and he showed no interest in improoving his application. He has a no from my side.

    Re: Corle's Appliction

    Hugh Black - 15.02.2008, 22:14

    denied and closed....we are looking for people with a little more dept ;)


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