New documetary about Canadian nightfighters

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    Re: New documetary about Canadian nightfighters

    Denis - 10.10.2007, 23:54

    New documetary about Canadian nightfighters
    Last Friday I had the pleasure of conducting a full guided tour of the remains of RAF Hunsdon airfield, to a Canadian film crew, and the noted Canadian historian Norman Christie.

    UTB Productions Inc - Uncovering the Battlefields are making a documentary featuring 418 (City Of Edmonton) Squadron who were based at Hunsdon airfield during WW2. I was surprised when the film company contacted me and asked me to assist in the project. I was asked to guide the film crew around the airfield, and point out what was where, since the airfield has returned to agriculture.

    Imagine my surprise to be 'mic'ed up for sound and actually be asked to appear in the documentary :shock: Once my nerves had settled down,we got on with the task and I ended up filming for nearly six hours. Of course not all six hours will be used, most will end up on the cutting room floor, but hey, I did my bit for history!

    The programme will be in three parts and will appear on Canadian television and has been sold to the History Channel. even signed a legal document allowing my 'material' to be used :toto: , I must get an agent.. :n102:

    Autographs are available while my head is still big :D just a couple of shots of part of the crew at the Hunsdon airfield memorial (my other claim to fame!)

    Re: New documetary about Canadian nightfighters

    MUCKS - 11.10.2007, 00:12

    Hi Denis.
    Good for you :D

    Re: New documetary about Canadian nightfighters

    Roy N - 11.10.2007, 00:18

    yes congratulations. :D

    its good that you can put your knowledge of Hunsden to help pay tribute to these guys.
    i will look forward to seeing the programme when its shown here.

    were you involved in erecting the memorial?


    Re: New documetary about Canadian nightfighters

    Denis - 11.10.2007, 11:05

    Thats Norman Christie the Historian posing next to the memorial, I'm not that photogenic! :oops:

    Yes Roy, there are several of us who raised the funds and built the memorial, one of them is a member here also, and that is Jim C.

    We were also responsible for the memorial on Sawbridgeworth airfield.

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