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    Re: ebullion

    martina - 09.09.2007, 17:43

    Immer mehr Hyips wechseln zu ebullion, da egold immer noch Konten blockt bzw. sie nicht frei gibt. So wird demnächst auch rtaonlineinvestment.com auf ebulion umsteigen.


    Hi, dear users!
    As you can see from the title, I don't bring good news.
    E-gold refused to unblock my account!

    I'm sure if you read my previous blogs, newsletters, forums... you are aware of the situation; but for you who isn't aware, here is the quick info: E-gold suddenly blocked my account. When I wrote them, they answer I should send some personal documents (copy of passport, telephone bill etc.) to consider unblocking it. I sent more than they asked. Finally, I received following email message from them:

    "We have reviewed the documentations you provided to our office but after evaluating the e-gold accounts and the documents you provided we decided the blocks will not be lifted from your accounts under the Rights of Association clause in the account user agreement."

    I looked up the 'Rights of Association clause' and it says:
    "4.6. Right of Association

    Issuer reserves the right to refuse service to particular individuals or entities, at its sole discretion, with or without cause."

    No further explanation...

    Now I'm left to only one option, regarding e-gold:
    Everyone who wants to receive their withdrawals should change their e-gold account settings to "Spends from blocked accounts: Accept" but do it at your own risk, since your account could get blocked if e-gold decide so.

    I will consider in the following days introduction of other payment processors beside e-bullion, because I can't obviously accept e-gold anymore.

    I am as devastated as you are.

    But RTA will not die, we'll go on with other payment processors!

    Hope you understand my position and I hope you are all well,

    Best Regards
    Dalibor Sver a.k.a. Max Willis
    The Administrator
    RTA Online Investment

    Gruß Martina

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