Who Killed WoknRoll? a story base on real irc characters

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    Re: Who Killed WoknRoll? a story base on real irc characters

    VTC - 06.09.2007, 22:22

    Who Killed WoknRoll? a story base on real irc characters
    Written by V.T. Charlies


    In the year 2121 it was legislated by the United Nations, who
    traditionally did not play a global governing role in their early
    years, that all IRC's ( Internet Relay Chat ) was to be strictly monitored and only used in pircs (public internet room
    centers). The UN had several organized uproars from indepen-
    dent factions that formed left wing movements against them
    so personal unsupervised chat was abolished. This, the UN
    boasted, was to stop people from using underground server
    networks to reproduce for the sale of and the sharing of copy
    righted material.
    There was another reason why people flocked to the pircs and
    it was because that there was a code implemented by a select group of chatters that allowed the sharing of material & ideas which would be censored and harshly dealt with by the govern ment. I will show u a sample of how the inscribed messages works.

    _______o l____________________h T____________________. k
    ____p .____l e_____________n u______U ._____________o y____n a
    __o e________h .________e d_________t e_________. u__________h T
    ______l p______________C r___________e m___________o f
    __________. e_________i h_____________. o______________. r
    ____________. I________d l____________t ._________________e r
    __o o_______m a_________I .__________d a________s i__________d a
    ____o d____V ._____________a .______l g_____________h t____n i
    _______o o____________________. m____________________. g

    Now if you haven't already read this it is read left to right from the top or where the far most upper right of the large letter S starts. The smaller letters are superimposed into the bigger letters with the difference being that the smaller letters are
    slightly more luminous. It is not visible to the naked eye or
    cant be seen highlighted.
    Only the select few belonging to the club, called MindForge, knew how to use this technique undetected by the IRCOPs and the leader and inventor of it is called WoknRoll.

    Blue_Screen_Boy kicks VTC in the butt sternly but not
    causing too much bodily pain.
    "What do you think your doing heading 4 my Op station,
    Muppet?" says Blue_Screen_Boy to VTC.
    "You kick me on line and in person. One of these days you'll be kicking yourself for it" replies VTC.
    "Do you want me to kick you back to where you came from?"
    smirks blue_screen_boy getting in the last word.
    Bunch1987 "Have you seen Band_Of_Gold yet?"
    "He will be arriving on the next PAT." answers savagerose.
    "Look everyone! Here comes Shu." shygirl exclaims.
    Shu calls out "Cat? Are you here?" after greetings were ex changed from all and Shu. WoknRoll, DreamOn & IHadACatOnce head towards the pirc
    from the North Western Public Air Transport terminal.
    "I can' wait to burn some new songs. Things haven't been the
    same since they took away my Frost Wire from me."says IHad-
    ACatOnce to the others.
    DreamOn adds "Let me know if you download some live Van-
    Halen, I saw them in concert before and i wouldn't mind seeing
    them again."
    WoknRoll smiles as they get closer to the pirc. In the mean time Band_Of_Gold explains to m3nt0k on the just departed PAT "We'll be decoding our intertext in L2 today
    "You can set the hue off by the normal amount but if u change
    the Hue at all we may be detected." responds m3nt0k.
    Band_Of_Gold finishes with "I'll make sure i remind every body of that."
    "Welcome back WoknRoll, DreamOn & IHadACatOnce" Luna the pirc co-manager, says to the group as they enter "you are
    probably aware that Band_Of_Gold has moved the room that
    you use to english-chat."
    "Absolutely Luna, thank you." WoknRoll replies heading to-
    wards the room winking at Luna and Titan.
    Afterwards Wok, Dream and Cat join the group in the room that
    is happy to have them SillyBear and Hendrix54 are the latest to arrive
    Hendrix exclaims himself with "O.k. ladies it's your lucky Day" which brings smirks to the men and chuckles to the women in the room because everybody associates his sense of humor.
    "Thank you for announcing that i am here Hendrix" quickly in-
    cludes SillyBear which further sets a cheerful mood of the
    crowd of people gathering.

    |*SillyBear has joined excursion-english-chat
    _Icarus_|sets mode to +v SillyBear
    shu_movie|!seen ToxicsGirl
    blue_screen_boy|hello Silly
    |*starchild has joined excursion-english-chat
    SillyBear|hi blue
    |*VTC drinx Woodyz Mexican Lime vodka
    |beverage 5.3%alc/vol.
    blue_screen_boy|hello starchild
    starchild|hello bl
    |*ObeeOne has quit (connection reset by peer)
    IHadACatOnce|im back
    Wish_Master|shygirl shall i grant your wisH
    shygirl|sure master grant me a wish
    VTC|r u a child star starchild
    IHadACatOnce|shu pm
    |*Hendrix54 has joined excursion-english-chat
    _Icarus_|sets mode +v Hendrix54
    Wish_Master|I shall grant your wisH
    blue_screen_boy|hello hendrix
    VTC|wen the Thunderianz made th starz a star
    |would shine th brightest az a child
    savagerose|*listens to Cranberries-Cordell
    blue_screen_boy|english please vtc
    hendrix54|hello blue i just had made a new pot of coffe
    |so help yourself it is columbian
    Wish_Master|pick cards 3
    DreamOn|you didnt add any columbian green leaves for
    |extra flavor did you hendrix?
    shygirl| A 2 6
    Woknroll|give it a whirl dream thats the only way youll
    |be able to find out for sure dream ;)

    Band_Of_Gold and mentok arrive at the pirc entrance.
    "Hello Titan and Luna" says Band.
    Kind words are exchanged between the four of them. mentok
    proceeds to the room where he is welcomed soon followed by
    Band where he is greeted as well.

    |*Band_Of_Gold has joined excursion-english-
    _Icarus_|sets mode to +o Band_Of_Gold
    bunch1987|wb band
    shygirl|hi band
    Band_Of_Gold|ty bunch
    Band_Of_Gold|hello shy
    blue_screen_boy|hi band
    DreamOn|hello band
    VTC|unfortunately th star that iz yur sun ran away
    from home az a child & that xplainz awl uv u
    savagerose|hi band
    |*MaLiNa13 has joined excursion-english-chat
    Band_of_Gold|hi blue dream & rose
    Band_of_Gold|wb malina
    Wish_Master|the future is bright for you shy
    Band_OF_Gold|can u do that for me now mentok
    |*shu_movie is now known as shu
    MaLiNa13|ty band
    hendrix54|does anyone want to order out for diner
    |*Retarhd has joined excursion-english-chat
    |*Retarhd has parted excursion-english-chat
    WoknRoll|ill give you 1 guess what i want for lunch
    hendrix54|ok if anyone doesnt want chinese food let
    me know
    Bands|starting the trivia. Round of 10 questions.
    |!strivia to stop. Total: 14689
    Bands| 1. (732) In which sport is a "hole-in-one"
    Bands|Winner: shygirl Answer: Golf Time: 6.187
    Streak: 1 Points: 236 WPM: 7 Rank: 1
    IHadACatOnce|why did the chicken cross the road
    Bands| 2. TV/ Movies: 1977 - Woody Allan - starred
    In This Movie:
    VTC|i want lotz uv >=})}@> with my chineez
    blue_screen_boy|english!!! this is your last warning
    savagerose|annie hall
    Bands|Winner: savagerose Answer: annie hall
    Time: 32.578 Streak: 1 Points: 124 WPM: 3
    Rank: 4th
    Wish_Master|those are colors of lithuania flag of world
    DreamOn|why cat?
    IHadACatOnce|so it wouldnt become chicken balls
    Bands| 3. Bill Gates was the founder of which
    |company ?
    Bands|Winner: shu Answer: microsoft Time: 5.737
    Streak: 1 Points: 212 WPM: 5 Rank: 2
    Wish_Master|a winfall is around the corner
    |*Dildo has joined excursion-english-chat
    shygirl|yah hoooo im going to win at bingo
    shu|good then because your not going to win at
    |*Otoada has joined excursion-english-chat
    SillyBear|how are things in greece now shu
    |*Otoada is now known as Quiet_Island
    Bands|Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to
    Bands|Record Streak: shygirl of 10 Record Time:
    |DreamOn of 3.469. Record wpm:
    |IHadACatOnce of 31.755366.
    Band_Of_Gold|Welcome Bac|{ . . otoada
    |*Dildo was kicked by Band_Of_Gold (i think
    |sets (+b) Dildo Nimrod@4URplea$UR.com
    shu|much better now i heard but i dont live
    where the fires were
    Quiet_Island|thank you Band
    SillyBear|we have friends up north there and i havent
    heard from them
    shu|im sure they are alright i live north of the
    capitol were is happened
    hendrix54|lunch is here everybody dig in
    VTC|i had a hunch that lunch iz here 2 munch
    |*VTC was kicked by blue_screen_boy (bet
    you didnt z that one comming)

    "Everyone help yourselves." savagerose says as she places
    the last dish of food on the table.
    " Thank you. Did you bring all of this in by yourself Rose? "
    bunch1987 asks.
    savagerose answers"No mentok and Cat helped to bring it in and Wok payed for it"
    "I thought i better because i know i certainly won't let any of it
    go to waste." WoknRoll asserts.
    "Thanks mate." SillyBear remarks, walking into the cafeteria.
    "shu and Dream come sit with me after you get something
    to eat." shygirl calls over as she sees them enter.
    "We will be rite over." shu replies.
    Band_of_Gold & blue_screen_boy come in for lunch and are honored by a conglomerate of waves, smiles and hello's.
    "Where is he?" blue_screen_boy says to shygirl.
    "You won't see him here. He doesn't like crowds and I'm sorry
    for his behavior.
    "It's not your fault shy." blue_screen_boy responds.
    "He won't think it's funny when I ban him." Band_Of_Gold
    "If i don't beat you to it band." blue_screen_boy finishes the
    topic with.
    " The settings of my winamp are finally adjusted correctly."
    Band_Of_Gold says thanking mentok.
    "My pleasure band. Here is the record i promised you blue."
    mentok hands it over to blue_screen_boy and receives thanks.
    "Oh i think it time for a cat nap. I'm stuffed." IHadACatOnce
    says after a long stretch.
    "Ask Titan and Luna if you can use their daybed in their office IHadAStuffedCatOnce" WoknRoll suggests.
    "Funny that is because I have a stuffed animal cat on my bed at
    home." bunch1987 mentions
    "I think a stuffed shu should be on your bed." shu says.
    "I bet you say that to all the girls shu." adds DreamOn.
    "I know this sounds silly but the ladies have told me that there
    is nothing like a big burly bear to paw with on their beds."Silly-
    Bear insists jokingly.
    "I had one of those before but when it got nasty i had to claw it
    to death" IHadACatOnce says walking out the front door to the
    reception area.
    The group finishes lunch. Some stay for coffee or tea ,some
    go out for a smoke, some go to the restroom and some rush
    back to the chat room. Everyone finishes there business, go
    back into the chat room and share salutations.

    FlyingHamster|un4tunately tha climate uv Hamsterdam is
    not suitable 2 grow carrots
    Otoada|you would be most welcome to start a
    garden in my country
    |*Boba_Fete has joined excursion-english-
    |*FlyingHamster goes Quiet_Island 2 start a
    carrot garden
    blue_screen_boy|hello boba
    Band_Of_Gold|wb boba
    DreamOn|bunch, are you here?
    Wish_Master|what Lazy Hamster is doing?
    bunch1987|yes im here
    DreamOn|want to play uno?
    FlyingHamster|i am not lazy i am sewing my carrot
    plantation thanks 2 Otoada :)=
    Bands|DreamOn wants to play Uno! Type join in the
    channel to join the game. Game will start in
    30 seconds.
    Bands|DreamOn will play!
    Bands|bunch1987 will play!
    Bands|shygirl will play!
    Wish_master|wuhaha!! maybe flying chickens will eat
    your crop
    Bands|shu will play!
    Bands|savagerose will play!
    |*Baba_Fete has parted excursion-english-
    chat (Parted)
    FlyingHamster|thats not tru wish u just wish
    |*mentok is now knows as No_Commentok
    Bands|I love uno ... I luv uno not... I start the game
    |... I start the game not...
    Bunch1987|band there is something the matter with
    Band_Of_Gold|got me
    Band_Of_Gold|bands a muppet
    Bands|I'm not a toy to be turned off and on when
    ever you feel like it!
    Band_Of_Gold|how about a kick you
    Bands|playing this round: DreamOn bunch1987
    |shygirl shu savagerose
    Bands|DreamOn up: [ 4 ]
    FlyingHamster|i got my colors now
    |i can fly long distance 2 b with tha rest uv my
    family :)=
    DreamOn|play g 7
    Bands|bunch1987 up: [ 7 ]
    |*FlyingHamster was kicked by
    |blue_screen_boy (then you wont mind if i
    help you get there)
    bunch1987|play g 5 |
    Bands|shygirl up: [ 5 ]
    |*darkforcast has joined excursion-english-
    shygirl|play g dt
    Bands|shu DRAWS TWO cards and is SKIPPED
    Bands|savagerose up: [ dt ]
    darkforcast|does somebody want to buy my old laptop
    darkforcast|its a compaq
    shygirl|sorry shu
    SillyBear|how old is it?
    savagerose|play g r
    Bands|shu up: [ r ]
    darkforcast|pentium 266 you better get it quick before a
    typhoon or tornado gets to you first
    shu|play wd4
    Bands|shygirl DRAWS FOUR cards.
    Bands|Choose a color shu. Type color red, color
    |blue, color yellow, or color green.
    shu|color red
    Bands|shygirl up: [ RED ]
    SillyBear|you can keep it and your natural disasters
    for yourself
    IHadACatOnce|WoknRoll i need to talk to you for a moment
    shygirl|play r 9
    Bands|bunch1987 up; [ 9 ]
    darkforcast|im only asking $100 us negotiable is
    anybody else interested?
    bunch1987|play b 9
    Bands|DreamOn up: [ 9 ]
    |*Otoada has parted excursion-english-chat
    (when Moon leaves Autumn.. Autumn leaves
    have fallen...If you leave my tears will follow...)
    DreamOn|play b 6
    Bands|savagerose up: [ 6 ]
    SillyBear|nobody wants your computer because
    knowing you its been through hell and back

    "band you better come with me!" IHadACatOnce says to Band-
    _Of_gold at his cubicle.
    "What is the matter?" Band_Of_Gold asks.
    "WoknRoll is missing. I looked everywhere. He is still logged
    on but i fear foul play."
    "Why do you think So?"
    "I called him on his i-Phone, He's not in the washroom or any
    where to be found and the staff told me that he didn't sign out."
    "Let's not jump to any conclusions just yet. Did you find any-
    thing at his station?"
    "Not even his chop sticks."
    "Alright I'll have a look around for him."
    Band_Of_Gold types into his keyboard "brb".
    "I'm going to play Uno. Please let me know if you find anything
    out band." IHadACatOnce sais heading back to his partition.
    After Band_Of_gold takes a quick look around and double checks with Titan and Luna He enlists the help of blue_screen -_boy, mentok, SillyBear, Hendrix54 and VTC to try to find Wok- nRoll since those were the people not playing Uno. Teams are formed to search different areas of the pirc.
    "Please meet band and I here in twenty minutes." delegates blue_screen_boy "We are are going to search the
    administrative areas of the building with Titan and Luna".
    "We have our clocks synchronized." mentok says leaving with
    SillyBear to search the non-restricted areas of the pirc.
    "Why did i get stuck with him?" Hendrix54 adds on his way
    out to with VTC to the pirc grounds.
    "We won't leave any stones unturned." VTC says in a feeble
    attempt to change the subject.

    bunch1987|i hope they find him cat
    savagereose|me too
    DreamOn|play y 3
    Bands|IHadACatOnce up: [ 3 ]
    shygirl|i can see his return PAT ticket because i am
    sitting beside his desk so he couldn't have
    left the pirc i didnt even see him leave
    IHadACatOnce|play y 0
    Bands|savagerose up: [ 0 ]
    |*^hkayem^ has joined excursion-english-
    DreamOn|hi hkayem
    savagerose|play g 0
    Bands|savagerose has UNO!
    Bands|shu up: [ 0 ]
    ^hkayem^|hi DreamOn
    bunch1987|hi hkayem
    shygirl|hi hkayem
    shu|play r 0
    Bands|shu has UNO!
    Bands|shygirl up: [ 0 ]
    ^hkayem|hello bunch and shy
    Bands|DreamOn: 2 bunch1987: 2 shygirl: 2 shu: 1
    savagerose: 1 IHadACatOnce: 2
    |*GiOrGiaK has parted excursion-english-
    shygirl|play b 0
    Bands|shygirl has UNO!
    Bands|bunch1987 up: [ 0 ]
    bunch1987|play b 1
    Bands|bunch1987 has UNO!
    Bands|DreamOn up: [ 1 ]
    shu|im going to win!
    shygirl|no im going to win
    DreamOn|play b 6
    Bands|DreamOn has UNO!
    Bands|IHadACatOnce up: [ 6 ]
    IHadACatOnce|no way im going to win!!
    IHadACatOnce|play r 6
    Bands|IHadACatOnce has UNO!
    Bands|savagerose up: [ 6 ]
    |*Ryuzaki has joined excursion-english-chat
    Ryuzaki|hello all
    DreamOn|hi Ry
    savagerose|play g 6
    Bands|savagerose has UNO!
    Bands|shu up: [ 6 ]
    Ryuzaki|here i am again
    Ryuzaki|where is band
    shu|play g 2
    Bands|shu has UNO!
    Bands|shygirl up: [ 2 ]
    bunch1987|he and everyone went looking for WoknRoll
    IHadACatOnce|yes i thought this was going to be a
    catastrophy but now im going to win hehe
    Ryuzaki|I hope they find him I lost someone in
    london before and it wasnt fun
    shygirl|play y 2
    Bands|shygirl has UNO!
    Bands|IHadACatOnce up: [ 2 ]
    IHadACatOnce|nooooooo i had green
    Band_Of_Gold|im afraid we have a problem people remain
    no-one is allowed to leave the building
    Band_Of_Gold|you can use your i-Phone to call your
    families that you may be late under the
    circumstances WoknRoll is missing without
    a trace.
    Band_Of_Gold|dream please stop uno
    Band_Of_Gold|the administrators of this facility will be
    taking over now.
    Bands|The current game has been STOPPED by
    |*kayfam has has joined excursion-english-
    _Icarus_|*gives Administrator status to kayfam*
    |*CSL has has joined excursion-english-chat
    _Icarus_|*gives Administrator status to CSL*
    kayfam|No one is to leave! No one is to chat unless
    they are asked a question! If you follow
    accordingly we can finish this investigation
    as soon as possible. Failure to comply will
    lead to your arrest for interfering with the law
    and a lifetime ban from pircs.
    |*kayfam sets topic to |This pirc is now in
    lockdown. IRCOPs are stationed at all exits.
    The daily buisiness of this channel will
    resume upon our notification.
    kayfam|CSL will be taking your statement
    concerning this. Answer to the best of your
    ability and remember we will find out the
    Band_Of_Gold|do what he sais
    CSL|Do not move from your seats or speak to any
    person near you.
    CSL|kayfam is watching you.
    CSL|I will make the nessesary ajustments so that
    we won't be intruded upon.
    bunch1987|im back
    CSL|bunch1987 read the new topic at top of your
    display. Remain quiet for now.
    CSL|!x security/!abolishexternal,ref.01
    |*[Security] has has joined excursion-english-
    |*[Security] has stopped all inbound
    |*[Security] has kicked Ryuzaki, ^hkayem^,
    darkforcast, Wish_Master, MaLiNa13, and
    starchild from excursion-english-chat (You
    will be allowed to rejoin later)
    CSL|We have already taken your statement band
    and blue_screen_boy. We trust that any new
    developments haven't come to light.
    CSL|bunch1987, Tell us what happened to
    WoknRoll. If you lie we will find out the truth
    and it won't look good on you.
    bunch1987|I dont know where he went i was with mentok
    and sillybear
    CSL|savagerose, who is behind this or is it you?
    Everyone is a suspect. Where were you when WoknRoll disappeared? What can you add in
    your defence or to help us?
    savagerose|all i can say is that i saw him at lunch last
    and that he was sitting between Hendrix54
    and i
    CSL|Did he say where he was going at any time?
    CSL|mentok, what can you help yourself and us
    mentok|It didnt appear that he was in the chat area at
    all after lunch and he seemed to be in good
    CSL|DreamOn, What do you have to say for
    yourself. All answers are being documented.
    DreamOn|i saw him at lunch nothing seemed out of the
    CSL|That is not an answer.Where did you go after
    DreamOn|i was playing uno you can clearly see it on
    the log
    CSL|shu, can you tell us anything?
    shu|i didnt do it im sorry
    CSL|This is no time for humor. What didn't you do
    and what are you sorry for?
    shu|nothing i dont know anything about it.
    CSL|shu, are you sure that there is nothing that
    that you would like to tell us?
    shu|there is nothing i know to tell you
    CSL|hendrix54, you were also sitting beside Wok
    at lunch. Can you think of anything what so
    ever that would indicate to where he was
    heading to after lunch?
    hendrix54|probably the wash room since he ate so
    much thats just a thought but i cant say for
    CSL|IHadACatOnce, what is your story?
    IHadACatOnce|i dont have a story to tell you for a change
    CSL|Keep your comments relevent to the
    investigation. What do you know about Wok's
    IHadACatOnce|if i could help you i would
    CSL|Is there anything holding you back from
    helping us?
    CSL|SillyBear, surely to God someone must have
    seen WoknRoll leave at lunch. Who would
    have seen him leave?
    SillyBear|i am truely as upset as you about all of this
    however i cant think of anything that would
    lead you in the right dirrection of your search
    CSL|shygirl, will you explain how you can help us
    and if true convince us that you had no role
    in the vannishing of WoknRoll?
    shygirl|i wish i could help you i am really sad that he
    is missing
    CSL|VTC, what did you do to Woknroll? You are
    the obvious main suspect due to your
    unpredictable behavior .Is this some kind of
    of joke of yours? You better tell us now or
    you will be really sorry.
    VTC|i had no part in this if you are so sure that i
    participated somehow tell me what i did with
    or to him.
    CSL|Now you can be sensable about this. Your
    denile is a dead give away that you had an
    active role in this. You will stop this sharade
    at once and give yourselp up
    VTC|i didnt have an active role i had a WoknRoll
    as the biggest missing link of your
    questioning maybe you will find the answer
    to which you seek in a fortune cookie
    CSL|So you think this is funny. This is not a funny
    matter. Maybe your memory will come back
    to you doing an infinate amount of dead time
    in our holding cell. I will only ask you this last
    time and if you dont respond accordingly
    kayfam and the IRCOPs will remove you.
    What did you do?
    VTC|that is correct that this is no laughing matter
    Its your problem that you dont know where
    he is there is no evidence that suggests that
    anything bad happened to him i am sick and
    tired of your insults i want a lawyer
    CLS|kayfam, take that ignorant self centred piece
    of trash away. I am banning u from all pircs
    for life VTC so you will have that to think
    about if and when you ever get out.
    |*[security] has kicked VTC from excursion-
    english-chat (vtc evasions)

    "Who died? It's like a funeral in here." WoknRoll sais as he
    enters the pirc chat room. After the groups's color returns to
    their faces from what seems like that have seen a ghost they
    embrace WoknRoll with hearty tidings much to his suprise.
    "Where were you?" Band_of_Gold asks. "You gave us all a
    "Why what happened?" WoknRoll replies.
    "No one could find you so we were all questioned about your
    "disapearance. So where were you anyways?" inquires
    There is silence in the room when WoknRoll says " I was
    asleep in the managers office."
    "But how can that be? We searched it."
    "I must have rolled off the bed behind it cause that is where i
    woke up and am i ever sore"
    "CSL we have got to have a word with Titan and Luna" kayfam
    "Now that is sure a reason to call you Wok and Roll now"
    Band_Of_Gold says ti WoknRoll to the laughter of the crowd
    that is gathered around them.
    "I think I'm going to give up sleeping with the oldies for a little
    while." WoknRoll says.

    "Titan and Luna, you were exemplimentary employees for the
    last four years up until now. I will have to give you a verbal
    warning for allowing WoknRoll enter and leave the office
    undetected against my best wishes towards you." disceplines
    "I wasn't sure when to tell you this and this isn't an excuse but
    Luna and I have found a better job closer to home so we will
    be giving our two weeks notice effective currently." Titan
    "That is very unfortunate Titan and Luna, CSL and I will miss
    you very much and feel free to drop by at your leisure."

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