your reason why you go to parties...

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    Re: your reason why you go to parties...

    true1984 - 05.08.2005, 19:40

    your reason why you go to parties...
    hello everybody :-)
    just wanted to know what are your reasons to go to parties and since when you do it....

    love & peace :P

    Re: your reason why you go to parties...

    conscious benji - 05.08.2005, 21:25

    from my point of view the whole party movement has some connection to the search of spiritual harmony... the youth ourdays are not so much into going to the church or so but still they are looking for something to believe in and to develop the unknown powers like the Jedi (U know the dude from starwars).
    I already went to a party once and it was a bit like I imagined a tribe in Africa dancing in circles around a fire place, You know the whole ancient tribal thing going on! DANCE AFRICA :lol:

    take it easy

    still looking for the bright light

    Re: your reason why you go to parties...

    luckyarts - 10.08.2005, 09:41

    its definetly a good question to come up with cause some good reflection about such essential questions is what we need from time to time...

    As benji said some parties transform into a sort of modern tribal gathering where a lot of energy is going personal reason why i go to party and why i started to include it in my lifestyle is cause of the freedom (in many ways) achieved by human beings we go for diversion and diversity...for fun and entertainment...making a rough theory up i would say that some go to a football match and others get pissed every night...the daily routine is not as interesting as it could be in today´s structure of society. Humans as seekers of mental and physical joy, where just a few really found out how to live this in a sincere and pure limitations and the hierarchy of our system keeps some souls in darker corners and some in brighter corners...
    Taking this as true i would say that at good partys with good music and good energy going on we find physical and mental joy and sort of freedom and the way we relate to eachother, the way free our bodies (dancing) and the position that good music takes in our lifes´, the fact that
    most of the parties take place out in nature with nice decoration is also the end it makes people happy...
    And for me i find something in some special parties as i dont find i any other kind of activity with entertainment purpose...something that gives me power and keeps me smiling...when sun is rising over some lake and the dj is just popping in that massive groovy morning tune..thats where everything is allright in this world sometimes fulfilled with very negative happenings!
    For sure we have certain special moments we just find at some special tribal gatherings with very loud music and some fullmoon making u go wild... ;-)
    And to be sincere...if the ingredients are right...what comes out is good...
    4kw mackie soundsystem
    2 record decks, mixer and cd players
    drinks & goodies
    1 beach on a tropical island
    big open tent for shade
    ....add spices as wished

    And i guess i dont have to explain the preparation...
    There is a lot more to say about this...


    Re: your reason why you go to parties...

    mikkael - 08.09.2005, 14:28

    party ??? where ????
    For me going to party is a way to feel free for a while and to share with good friends a good moment outside of the world of £££££. You can go to club and bar to spend time with your friends but it's not the same thing than having a nice afternoon with some friend in the sun, with no troubles and no bad people(if you know what I mean..). The Jazz and the Rock&roll movement have as well passed by this... It's not a new thing, it's the way of life... People who are going to party don't want to be one of those sheep in this world of consuming...
    Party is about respect and share. It's about discovering new things. In which club you will have the possibilty to hear new talents? They need to do money, not friends....

    It's hard now to have a party and to be free...
    Freedom start to be quite expensive in this world.
    Keep it real...


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