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    Re: Monaco Race Video

    madleecher - 09.07.2005, 16:38

    Monaco Race Video
    I want made a video of the race but plz help me and post your highlights

    LAP and which drivers

    Re: Monaco Race Video

    OG-LOC - 09.07.2005, 18:24

    i overtake jimmy
    fight with fabi

    Re: Monaco Race Video

    Jimspeed - 09.07.2005, 19:17

    you can look into the galery on the hp, there are little coments on each pic, so you wih the pic you can find the situation in the replay
    also look into the race part at monaco, i posted a report with some events

    the start was quiet ok, i wanted not to crash an get the points, soi decided to drive carefully and no sooo fast
    i made my pitstop when i lost my frontwing, and also took new fuel at this time
    after the pitstop manuel was behind me and i could nod hold him behind me, and let him pass, after a short time of fight (was a cool fight manu :wink: )
    in the 11th lap i crashed in a corner right to the end of the track (look into gallery on hp) - i lost my left front wheel, and the front wing
    i knew even before the race that i will crash, because i hate the track, but it wassn't a bad race until i crashed last time.
    the fight between manu and fabi was very hard, i think, and in the end manu lost because of his own mistake
    a perfect race for fabi :)

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