07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

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    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Jimspeed - 02.07.2005, 14:10

    07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco
    The second GradPrix of the season will be at Monaco, on next Thursday. It will start with server open at 19h (GMT+1)

    Manuel will upload the track soon!

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Jimspeed - 04.07.2005, 11:32

    track is online in DL section!

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Jimspeed - 07.07.2005, 20:22

    1- Fabi
    2- Manu
    3- Marcus
    4- Jimmy
    5- Keith

    report will follow soon

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Toto - 07.07.2005, 20:27

    an halfe houer befor race i drived the track "first" :shock:
    I made fast fast a setup and than i drived
    Qualy: 2nd Place
    Race: Manu went in the box in first lap than i was 1st. My teammade hit mee frontspoiler away :( Then i went to box after that I was 2nd 6 seconds after manu. I came back to approx. 1 second and after an error of manu i was 1st. So i finished and win!!! :D 8)

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    OG-LOC - 07.07.2005, 20:46

    good car, but my ass hurt after 10laps :lol: :cry: but fabi very good so he wins as the best driver of the day! Congrats

    PS: DAMN, where was my teammate? :evil:

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Jimspeed - 08.07.2005, 13:29

    OG-LOC hat folgendes geschrieben: but my ass hurt after 10laps
    you always find a reason if you don't win, don't you? :wink:

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    RaceFreak - 08.07.2005, 14:34

    yes , like that^^
    Sorry manu , i was too late for joinig , so , i couldn´t drive as your teammate this race....

    Re: 07.07.2005 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Jimspeed - 08.07.2005, 21:15

    I updated the hp(Results, Drivers, News etc., and under the photos in conological order are little coments on each pic :D 8) ....look them through :)

    Well, I want to post a short full race report now.

    The results can be seen on the hp and on this pic:
    for race results look on hp!

    Training - all OK - dry
    Qualifying - all OK - dry
    Race - all OK - dry
    Race Events: 20:00 - ca. 21:00
    lap 11 - Jimmy out
    lap 17 - Keith out
    lap 19 - Marcus out
    events on hp under the photos

    Watch out if you could be lapped :!:

    Keith: you were DQ because of pit limit, or because your car were damafed so much at your last crash so that you couldn't drive anymore.
    I think it was because of the speed limit, and I don't understand that the game didn't show this to you, if i went to fast in monaco, i got a penalty, even in practice.
    and when you first go out on the track, the limiter is on, so I don't understand why you didn't noticed the limit.
    sry, but maybe you game simply had an error, i don't know, i can only say what i see on the replay, and there you drove really much to fast in pit. :(

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