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    Re: I'm going...

    BenDaMan - 01.06.2005, 12:15

    I'm going...
    I'll be back later though.

    I told my brother if I let him on the computer right now, I get to borrow $25, huzzah, now I can get the Gamecube AND the game I want :-P

    Re: I'm going...

    jdpd - 01.06.2005, 12:20

    haha. only problem is that you have to pay it back.. Next time ask for it as a gift

    Re: I'm going...

    BenDaMan - 01.06.2005, 14:42

    Lol, my brother is about as much as a tight-arse as I am. And it was money from his birthday, so it's be kinda bad of me to ask him to give me his birthday money so I could buy a game :P

    But, I found out my brother didnt have $25, he only had $10, and $20 of his is in mum's bank, so tommorow I'll have to get mum's card and take out $20 from her acount. Stupid brother, how dare he make more work for me.

    Re: I'm going...

    jdpd - 01.06.2005, 14:46

    My brother used to spend my birthday money :cry:

    Re: I'm going...

    BenDaMan - 01.06.2005, 14:51

    Bastard, I've always been protective of my money :P My dad used to borrow money and never get it back, until I started telling him that everyday he is late in paying me, he will incur a 10% interest on my payment. Then he started paying me back on time :P

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