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    Re: Welcome to the Deadly Whisper Messageboard

    Riyn - 02.05.2005, 03:40

    Welcome to the Deadly Whisper Messageboard
    Welcome to the Deadly Whisper Message Board.

    Deadly Whisper is a organisation for the MMO Anarchy Online on the Atlantean Dimension, and if you don't know what that is, get the hell outta here. ;)

    This section of the board is the only one open to public, you can read posts without registering and post when you are registered.
    Unless you are a member of deadly whisper though there won't be access to the other sections.

    If you are a new Member of Deadly Whisper please register here with the name of your main and send me a ingame tell to set you up for the members group.

    Have Fun,

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