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    Re: Melron Loike Bio

    Anonymous - 24.11.2005, 03:37

    Melron Loike Bio
    Full Name: Melron Loike
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 220
    Nationality: Arafellin
    Hair Color: Dirty blonde
    Eye color: Brown

    Melron Loike was born in Shol Arbela, and was raised from a young age to become a soldier. Like most Borderlanders, he was trained early and hard in becoming a warrior against the Shadow. His father was a warrior as well, as most Borderland men are, while his mother tended the household. Melron took to the training well, especially enjoying using two swords on horseback, a uniquely Arafellin skill-set. He was one of the top new warriors of his generation, and so was sent out on his first patrol of the Blight at the age of thirteen. It was an ill-fated patrol, as they soon discovered, as they were ambushed by Trollocs. Half of his comrades were killed, and Melron nearly joined them but a quick dodge took the strike that would have cleaved his skull open and left a scar on his face that trailed from the edge of his right eye down to his chin. Surviving his first encounter with the enemy, he bears the scar with pride.

    As the years progressed, he took to battle like a true Borderlander, overcoming the sadness at losing comrades, including his own father. Death is something no Arafellin fears, a death in battle is very honorable, and Melron was proud that his father was able to die valiantly defending humanity from the Shadow.

    Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, he went out with a small patrol, only himself and four others. It went badly, as his comrades were slain and he himself left for dead with his blood pouring from a fatal wound in his chest. But it wasn’t his time, and some Aes Sedai who were visiting Arafel were there when his nearly lifeless form was brought back. They were able to Heal him, giving him another chance to battle the Blight.

    When he discovered who had saved him, he thanked the Aes Sedai, and for the first time really paid notice to them and even more so to their warders. These were people who fought the Shadow as he did, a single Aes Sedai had the same strength in battle as an entire patrol. His mind set, he asked around and received what information he could on Aes Sedai and Warders, then took his favorite warhorse Dion and set out for the Tower of Manetheren. Aes Sedai were some of the most powerful warriors of the Light, and he would help as much as he could.

    Re: Melron Loike Bio

    Anonymous - 24.11.2005, 21:49

    It will be a pleasure to fight alongside you :)

    Btw, do you also wear bells in your hair?

    Re: Melron Loike Bio

    Lyuna Sedai - 25.11.2005, 14:40

    Nice :)

    Approved for RPing *nods*

    Re: Melron Loike Bio

    Anonymous - 26.11.2005, 06:29

    right back at ya, Kyronan :)

    and thank you, mother

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