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    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Anonymous - 24.11.2005, 21:51

    Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam
    Name: Kyronan d'Youlam
    Origin: Saldaea
    Age: 18
    Height: 185 cm (dunno what's that in inches)
    Rank: Soldier
    Haircolor: Black
    Eyecolor: Brown

    Kyronan d'Youlam is the oldest living son of a minor noble family. His father died in service for his Queen, when Kyro was still and infant, leaving a widow with 3 children. His mother married again after two years, bearing another two children. But she died while giving birth to a third one. His step-father kept his own children, a girl and a boy, while sending the others away.
    This way, Kyro's uncle adopted him and his older siblings and taught them about politics in other nations and, of course, how to fight Shadowspawn.
    It was upon his twelfth year, when his older brother was killed in battle and his older sister was kidnapped by Trollocs, while the whole village was ravaged. After this event, he hardened inside and pushed himself in learning battle tactics and fighting Trollocs. He was present in every battle there-after, even if he had to get out of sickbed for it. His personal hatred for Trollocs and everything to do with the Dark One grew with every person dead at the hand of a Shadowspawn.

    One winter, at the end of his sixteenth year, his uncle prepared for another attack of the Trollocs and so did Kyro, who had been put into bed because of fever. He did not care whether he would die or not, he would never be satisfied however many Trollocs he slew. Deliriously, he ran off into battle, but he could not defend himself as well as he should.

    Blood trickled down his face, his arms, and made the grip on his sword slippery. He did not feel pain, not yet. Just a hot pounding of the blood left in his veins. The air around him was hot, even in the depth of winter. Black flecks few across his vision, whenever he fended of a blow of a Trolloc or killed the one who was attacking a companion. He danced through the milling heaps as if a dream. He spun to behead a Trolloc, but his sword slipped to cut open its chest.
    Suddenly he felt something hard strike his side and he lost his balance. While he was still falling he heard a shrill cry and wondered if it was his own. A slender, helmeted soldier jumped onto the Trolloc that had hit him. Uncaring of the on-going battle he dropped beside Kyro and leaned over him. He took off his helmet to reveal long, black hair falling onto his shoulders. Light, the soldier was a woman not much older than he! "You hear me," she asked as she examined his wounds. He groaned as if to answer; sharp pain consumed every fiber of his body. "Don't die on me, lad," she said in an urgent voice, before blackness filled his vision.

    Blinding light wakened him, he did not even dare to open his eyes. As he finally did, brightness stung and made them watery. He realized he was inside a tent. And on a chair beside his pallet, he saw the woman who had saved him huddled in a blanket. No, not a woman, a girl! Much younger than he was - and beautiful. Strands of black hair hung in her face, softened by sleep. As he tried to move, her eyes shot open. "So, finally you're awake," she said, rubbing her eyes. "How do you feel?"
    "Good." Suddenly he was aware, that he did not feel pain at all. "How...?"
    Without waiting for him to finish, as if she knew his thoughts, she answered, "An Aes Sedai is in the camps seeing to the soldiers. I brought you to her."
    An Aes Sedai... "How can I thank you for it? You saved my life." A stab of guilt made him close his eyes. Saved by a girl. She could have been in danger because of you.
    "That's of no account now. I see that you get something to eat." With that she got up and started to the tentflap.
    "Wait," he said hoarsely. "Why?"
    "You are a fighting companion. And not the only one. I dragged a lot of other wounded to the tents so that they could be tended." She smiled wearily.

    After gathering enough strength to get up, he went to search for her, determined to repay the debt he owed to this fascinating little girl no matter what. He stepped around carefully so not to stumble, since he was not yet sure enough on his feet. As he peaked around one of the tents he saw her with the Aes Sedai, eyes cast down. He was hidden well enough not to be seen but to overhear bits and peaces of their conversation. From what he could learn, the Aes Sedai wanted to take the girl with her. How was he going to thank her then? Even more of a shock it was to hear, she was to get her things now, because they would be riding in an hour. If it was true, Kyro considered his options. Which path to take was quickly decided and he ran home to gather his things. His uncle fully understood his choice and wished him good luck. In the village, Kyro asked if anyone knew in which direction they headed and followed their tracks. It did not take long, until he reached them, but they were somewhat surprised to see someone riding after them. Now Kyro even had the chance to thank the Aes Sedai for what she had done, but she waved it away as if it were nothing. They accepted his company, though, and he learned that the girl could channel and was to become novice. He thought it strange to just carry someone off because of a certain ability he had.
    As Kyro saw the Warder on their way he thought was leading to Tar Valon in all sorts of skirmishes on the way - he had never believed people could be in deep trouble with their neighbors or their landsmen that they would almost start riots... things like that just did not happen in the Borderlands - he was fascinated by his battling skills and the graceful way he moved. It was as if every step, every moving of a muscle was perfectly coordinated. In later discussions with the Warder - a very quiet fellow, actually - that Kyro, too, could undergo the training to a Gaidin.

    As a Recruit of the Tower of Manetheren, Kyro felt somewhat clumsy around all those skilled Warders. He soon learned to control his feelings and he knew, when he would go out to fight Trollocs again, he would be perfectly calm and not white-hot rage as all those years before. After two years of training, he was raised Soldier - one step closer to his goal.

    (Hope it's not too short/long :look)

    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Lyuna Sedai - 25.11.2005, 14:47

    A Bio can never be too long, imho, ya know ;)

    Completely approved

    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Anonymous - 25.11.2005, 14:53

    Thank you, Mother :D

    (Someday I'll write the complete version of it, I hope)

    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Ereleyn Aviar - 25.11.2005, 16:52

    Fighting Trollocs rules!!! :recruit :recruit :recruit
    good one!

    (So, now that you posted this, we can start our little project in Sean*beep*, right?)

    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Anonymous - 25.11.2005, 21:40

    (formidable idea, Ereleyn Sedai :D)

    Re: Chara bio, Kyronan d'Youlam

    Anonymous - 26.11.2005, 06:29

    Great bio ;)

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