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    Re: Erla 54

    Kurtl - 29.06.2007, 09:50

    Erla 54
    Does this stand for the Aircraft Spareparts Manufacturer at Erlangen?

    I'm nosy about the number. What does "54" stand for?


    Re: Erla 54

    Pathfinder - 29.06.2007, 12:29


    I thinks the stamp must read "Er / a 54". Your "L" I mean is a upright dash...


    Re: Erla 54

    Roy N - 29.06.2007, 13:09

    i can find various references to ME109 G models built at an ERLA factory.
    below is part of one reference i found. its for models but the text is relevant

    "The Erla 109s have been badly misrepresented in the past, and only recent research has uncovered the true nature of these machines. Rather than being “G-10/ASs”, as previously considered, they are legitimate G-10s, fitted with the DB 605 D engine. The Erla engineers devised a new cowling, the Type 110, which dispensed off with the chin bulges thanks to a wider and squarer contour"

    there was also an "Erla-Haube canopy" fitted to the 109. i think its better known as the "Galland hood"


    Re: Erla 54

    Kurtl - 30.06.2007, 13:23

    @ Nils: You are probably right. Do you have an idea what Er/a 54 means? - Kurtl

    Re: Erla 54

    Pathfinder - 03.07.2007, 20:40


    when I think right and the stamp would be read as my way, then it is not easy to can say more about this stamp. Sadly i have no more details. maybe I think wrong and it must be read as "Erla", but I think this is a slash and not a "L" ...


    Re: Erla 54

    Kurtl - 18.11.2011, 18:56

    Did the Erla Maschinenfabrik GmbH at Leipzig-Mockau had an own inspection stamp for it's parts and aircraft they built? I wonder if it is possible to different a Bf 109 bulit by Erla to one built by Messerschmitt AG, Regensburg just by inspection/identification stamps?

    Or let's ask the question in a different way: "Did the Messerschmitt works had own stampings on their parts and aircraft and how did they look like?"

    Thanks for your help! Kurtl

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