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    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    FloJet - 28.06.2007, 23:35

    Best Instrument Virtuosos
    Let's start talking about the ones we consired to be the best virtuosos in their particular instruments.

    Let's see


    Yngwie Malmsteen I consider.


    Mr. Neil Peart from Rush


    Not a clue


    Humm, tough one, I think Ward is one and Ellefson another but no one like Mr. Burton. He killed on bass playing. RIP


    Ja ja Apocalyptica guys

    Any other instrument?

    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    Flotzilla - 29.06.2007, 21:08

    Let's see... instrument... songwriter? Mark Simpson. :mrgreen:

    And for the guitar I'd pick Robert Fripp (I guess only a few of the metalheads know him because it is far away from metal what he does.)

    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    bolivershagnasty - 30.06.2007, 00:00

    Ed Carlson.... is surely a madman!
    Eric A.K ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh
    Jason Ward...Well If you don't know...
    Mark Simpson...Prepare your slow motion replay for those quick fingers!
    Craig ...If your head still isn't poundding from the las Cd I just Dunno!
    Michael Gilbert? Where the hell are you man? :headbanging
    Kelly David Smith..... he is the storm that has come down and continues to pour!
    Just to name a few favorites!
    I am also a big fan of everyone from Testament, Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth!!

    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    Flotzilla - 13.12.2008, 18:55

    look at these two musicians. Even though I believe few of you would call it "music" what they play but these techniques are simply incredible. Have in mind: This music is NOT improvised. Quite stunning in my opinion. :twisted:

    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    sixstringer76 - 11.03.2009, 21:56

    I'd say that Buckethead is a virtuoso and how about the late Cliff Burton ? I really dig Ward too and I love Newsteds stuff on DFTD.

    For drums, that's a tough one. I like a lot of different drummers, of course you have guys like Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy (who is basically Peart on steroids) and guys like the late John Bonham and then you have guys like the late Gar Samuelson (he was a beast !) and Charlie Benante and yes, of course Kelly David Smith and Dave Lombardo. I even like Tommy Lee and A.J. Pero. :shock:

    Re: Best Instrument Virtuosos

    FloJet - 16.03.2009, 02:24

    Cliff Burton!!!!, my respects to him. Man he changed the view of bass playing so it is now what it is thanks to him.

    Metallica would NEVER be the same without him.

    I also love Ward's bass playing style. He gave Flotz steadiness on that too and help get rid of the fact Flotsam was the shadow of Newsted. Ward's million times better than Newsted to my taste

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