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    Re: Tazdevil

    Tazdevil - 19.06.2007, 07:24

    Hello Mods,

    Without going into detail, I wanted to post here a short message about what happened the last days. As all of you know (I assume), there were some major problems in AAT and I got banned from the website and removed from the clan for something Onebadcop and Schem thought I might have done, which I didn't.

    I talked in the last days to Toni, Dave and James and straightened things out.

    I know emotions were high in the last days and maybe because I was never involved in the "top" of the clan, I see some things in a different way, but for me the whole change was not that easy, since I enjoyed the company of all three "amigos" and then suddenly in less than a weekend I was out working everything changed completely from bottom up.

    I did had a longer conversation with James and Dave today and cleared my name there. I did retire from AAT since the situation was not acceptable for me, since the wrong rumors and false statements about what I supposely did went through the whole clan.

    Actually, I feel sad about what happened and for the moment I'm "cured" about being involved in a clan.I do need some time off and want to simply enjoy gaming from time to time without problems, I think everybody has enough of them in real life, no need to find more in spare time.

    I hope nobody will be offended, but I removed also my Legion Tags, since in my point of view the decision of taking a break must be whole-hearted, honest, open and straight once taken.

    If still welcome, I would enjoy gaming with all of you from time to time on COD2.

    Greetings from Ecuador,

    Olli / Taz

    Re: Tazdevil

    |LEGION|SILENTDEATH - 20.06.2007, 20:23

    got no problems with you bro ...still welcome for a god fight.....

    your statement is clear...and i hope everyone accept it....

    greetings silent(die sniperschlampe)

    Re: Tazdevil

    |LEGION| HIDDEN - 21.06.2007, 13:39

    Same here Taz

    Re: Tazdevil

    |LEGION| AMD - 25.06.2007, 13:42


    you are my friend and you are welcome m8

    but sell your mac okay

    Re: Tazdevil

    Tazdevil - 26.06.2007, 05:54

    over my dead body.....

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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