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    Re: Little Hero

    Reggaemum - 04.03.2008, 17:58

    Little Hero

    Little Hero, born Paul Nathaniel Gayle from the garden parish of St Ann along with other famous stars such as Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey. This one such artiste was given talent by the most high to inspire and educate the world with his excellent vocal range and spiritual lyrical content that will help to change the people of this world. As a boy in his early teens Little Hero loved reggae music with a passion and then decided that music was his life dream. Inspired by Bob Marley, Little Hero was motivated to use his vocal and performing talents to pursue a musical career.

    Little Hero's first performance was at the Kaiser Sports Ground promoted by Courtney Cole, Producer-Roof Label. That groundbreaking performance sky-rocketed bookings for him to perform on all major stage shows island wide. His major stage performances were on Reggae Sumfest, GT Taylor's Extravaganza and STING just to mention a few. His first single entitled Pretty Looks was recorded in collaboration with singer Delly Melody which was immediately followed by Wonders and Signs both on the Roof Label.

    Soon after, he landed himself a hit song God Alone on the Annex Label, in combination with DJ Merciless and Action Fire. These songs got excellent rotation locally and internationally and helped to popularize his status and gave him the opportunity to perform all around the world.

    Due to a major accident Hero was forced to take a break for a few years. He is now re-energized and full of enthusiasm and is currently being managed by Inspire Records and Supreme Promotions Limited. Little Hero's recent recordings are now plaguing the airwaves namely Prayer Time, Peace, Too Much Violence, No More War, In The Ghetto as well as a remix of God Alone on the Inspire Label. His singles are moving steadily up all the major reggae charts internationally. Since his return in 2005 Little Hero has been booked for all the major stage shows such as Rebel Salute, STING, East Fest, Reggae Sumfest, Spring Break, Follow D Arrow, Camp Fire, Hype In The Park.

    Hero's unique style and lyrical content has reached the hearts of many people both young and elderly alike. He pledges to continue delivering positive and cultural music and is determined to make a difference in the music fraternity.

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