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    Re: Hello {PoH}!

    Anonymous - 03.07.2005, 09:24

    Hello {PoH}!
    Hello, all! I’m Aurelius from the Rulers of Rome Clan – {RoR}
    A new clan established by Decidius,Younes and me.
    We are just starting out!
    I’m here just to let u guys know,
    Please Check us out at www.ror-clan.tk (A forum since we didnt had the desire/craftmanship to build a site)
    And feel free to leave a message behind.
    We dont have our own server at the moment but that will come soon hopefully.
    We play jets,instagib and all the main weapons including sniper.
    We want our memberst to practise on all those divisions!
    So Greater Teamwork can be achieved!/More fun produced!
    And tips to make our forum and clan even better would be greatly appreciated.
    Maybe from time to time we can practise with your clanmembers and have some fun games!
    Anyhow thanks for viewing and reading this message.


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