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    Re: Observer tag/combat meters on slaves

    Damien - 12.06.2007, 23:51

    Observer tag/combat meters on slaves
    I know this has been brought up many times, but i would like a forum discussion as to these rules.

    My opinion, people take to much advantage of the observer tag, as well as many slaves take advantage of not having to wear combat meters.

    I would like the rule to change so that anyone who rps gor, slaves, warriors, panthers, outlaws, and so on may NOT wear an observer tag. To many people use this to their advantage and spy.

    As for combat meters, its not very gor and rpish for a slave to sit around by herself and nothing be able to happen to them. A lone slave could be readily "picked on" by any free if she is without her master, or has no Master at all. So i believe ALL slaves must be allowed to wear combat meters as well. And i believe they must adhere to be able to be captured, because this is Gor, if you dont want to act or be treated as a slave, then dont play.

    Re: Observer tag/combat meters on slaves

    Melinda - 13.06.2007, 01:00

    Tal All,

    I adhere to it, totally, in many places, Observers Tag, are used solely by those really new to Gor, if people wear it and are not new to Gor they are asked to remove it..if they dont comply they are first ejected...then if repeated offence...banned for good. it sounds a bit radical..but maybe at the third or fourth offence.might well be a good reason

    As for slaves, on the docks, I will take it a step further, those that sit idle in the boat...many of those are doing so..doing nothing the whole day, even though they belogn to another place, behaving unslave like as many of you have witnessed already, and us not being able to do anything, on the contrary, to get threats out of it, by the Owners, since we dared to punish their princesses, I believe it gives a poor image of Jasmine to the outside.. and nto by the doing of the people of JAsmine but by the doing of foreigners and us stuck as we cant do anythign because of the present rules.

    I totally agree with the Captain in this, completely. Slaves arent wearing a collar for protection...a collar is only a sign of ownership..ownership that can easely be changed.

    so yes yes yes..please for a change of the rules.


    Re: Observer tag/combat meters on slaves

    Windsweptgold - 13.06.2007, 05:08

    I have to agree here totally. If you are gorean and come to the sim other than to shop then it is to RP, some say they are here to visit friends fine then if you are visiting friends it is in caricature so you are in RP if not go out of a RP sim or to your own home.
    If you are gor then how can you be an observer you know how to act.
    We are all caricatures/actors when we come to the sim we are RPing/acting it is like a stage observers are like an audience.
    I try to stay fully in caricature when in a gor sim and yes itis as a FW and FW do not take to kindly to slaves so I will pick at them and they as slaves have to accept it, I will insult panthers I have my reasons( if you want to know ask me i may tell you )
    The better the RP the more ppl will come, another thing how selective can one be in their RP if i am in the city and captured is it up to me to choose who by and how? TO some degree I can have input but I like to try and play it as if things were happening and being attacked well I would have very little input after all i am just a women i do not have the skills to fight not like the smelly panthers

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